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9211  Tuck"s  193  Birthday,  Girl with Cake, Poem9211 Tuck"s 193 Birthday, Girl with Cake, PoemABOVEALL350705.76
9211 Tuck's  2707   Birthday, Floral9211 Tuck's 2707 Birthday, FloralABOVEALL350694.76
9618  Birthday,  3 girls on Horse9618 Birthday, 3 girls on HorseABOVEALL350685.76
9209   Birthday,  3 girls  with  Horse9209 Birthday, 3 girls with HorseABOVEALL350675.76
9014    Birthday,  Victorian Girl, Flowers, framed9014 Birthday, Victorian Girl, Flowers, framedABOVEALL350668.76
9213  Birthday  victorian Girl , signed M Dulk9213 Birthday victorian Girl , signed M DulkABOVEALL350655.76
9207    Birthday,   Boy on Tricycle9207 Birthday, Boy on TricycleABOVEALL350645.76
9070    Birthday,  fan with Flowers9070 Birthday, fan with FlowersABOVEALL350637.76
9206   Birthday, Girls carrying basket of Flowers9206 Birthday, Girls carrying basket of FlowersABOVEALL350625.76
9205  Birthday,  Dove, Violets,9205 Birthday, Dove, Violets,ABOVEALL350615.76
9160   Birthday,  Children cutting Cake9160 Birthday, Children cutting CakeABOVEALL350603.76
9139   Birthday,  Children  at a Party9139 Birthday, Children at a PartyABOVEALL350593.76
9210    Birthday,  Children  at Wall9210 Birthday, Children at WallABOVEALL350582.00
9441   Birthday , Rose Floral9441 Birthday , Rose FloralABOVEALL350574.76
9360   Birthday , Rose Floral9360 Birthday , Rose FloralABOVEALL350564.76
9425    Birthday , Rose Floral9425 Birthday , Rose FloralABOVEALL350553.00
9465  Birthday ,   Floral , Home Scene9465 Birthday , Floral , Home SceneABOVEALL350543.00
9558   Birthday ,   Floral ,  Roses9558 Birthday , Floral , RosesABOVEALL350533.00
9555  Birthday ,   Floral ,9555 Birthday , Floral ,ABOVEALL350522.76
9592    Birthday ,   Floral ,  a Rose9592 Birthday , Floral , a RoseABOVEALL350511.76
9312   Birthday ,   Floral ,  a Rose, river scene9312 Birthday , Floral , a Rose, river sceneABOVEALL350502.00
9345   Birthday ,   Floral,  river scene9345 Birthday , Floral, river sceneABOVEALL350492.00
9538   Birthday ,   Floral,  river scene9538 Birthday , Floral, river sceneABOVEALL350482.00
9899    Birthday ,   Floral,   Bows9899 Birthday , Floral, BowsABOVEALL350472.00
9454    Birthday ,   Floral, Farm Scene9454 Birthday , Floral, Farm SceneABOVEALL350462.00
9408  Birthday ,   Floral, Farm Scene9408 Birthday , Floral, Farm SceneABOVEALL350453.00
9241  Birthday ,   Birds carrying Card9241 Birthday , Birds carrying CardABOVEALL350442.00
9076   Birthday ,   FLYING  Birds9076 Birthday , FLYING BirdsABOVEALL350432.00
9021  Birthday ,   FLYING  Birds9021 Birthday , FLYING BirdsABOVEALL350422.00
9161  Birthday ,   FLYING  Birds9161 Birthday , FLYING BirdsABOVEALL350412.00
9208   Birthday Nesting  Birds9208 Birthday Nesting BirdsABOVEALL350402.00
2467 Birthday  Roses Signed2467 Birthday Roses SignedABOVEALL349042.00
2733   Birthday  Roses Signed2733 Birthday Roses SignedABOVEALL349032.00
9613 Birthday Vase with a pink and yellow roseABOVEALL348572.00
4725  Birthday   Boy in Sailor suit, life ring4725 Birthday Boy in Sailor suit, life ringABOVEALL347493.00
10947   Birthday   ANtique Car with flowers10947 Birthday ANtique Car with flowersABOVEALL347482.76
10952  Birthday   Flag, field10952 Birthday Flag, fieldABOVEALL347471.76
13351  Birthday  Irish   Harp with flowers13351 Birthday Irish Harp with flowersABOVEALL347043.00
13348   Birthday   Horsehow with flowers13348 Birthday Horsehow with flowersABOVEALL347032.00
13308  The Stork Brought me ???13308 The Stork Brought me ???ABOVEALL346792.76
13247  Tuck's no.171 George Washington13247 Tuck's no.171 George WashingtonABOVEALL346774.00
13245  Tuck's no.124  George Washington Birthday13245 Tuck's no.124 George Washington BirthdayABOVEALL346764.00
13244  Tuck's no.124  George Washington Birthday13244 Tuck's no.124 George Washington BirthdayABOVEALL346754.00
13248  George Washington slicing Birthday Cake 191013248 George Washington slicing Birthday Cake 1910ABOVEALL346748.76
13258   George Washington Cannot Tell a Lie13258 George Washington Cannot Tell a LieABOVEALL346733.76
13265  George Washington Crossing the Delaware13265 George Washington Crossing the DelawareABOVEALL346723.76
13275   George Washington Potrait13275 George Washington PotraitABOVEALL346711.76
13276    George Washington Potrait13276 George Washington PotraitABOVEALL346701.76
13251  George Washington Potrait13251 George Washington PotraitABOVEALL346691.76
13252   George Washington Potrait   with Flag13252 George Washington Potrait with FlagABOVEALL346681.76

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