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Kaufhaus, Hohenkammer, Bavaria, GermanyKaufhaus, Hohenkammer, Bavaria, GermanyISLANDDWELLER19372.50
Entrance to the Monistary of St Benedict, Subiaco ItalyEntrance to the Monistary of St Benedict, Subiaco ItalyISLANDDWELLER18312.50
Schloss Rheineck On the RheinSchloss Rheineck On the RheinISLANDDWELLER18204.25
Society of Nations Geneva, Switzerland RPPCSociety of Nations Geneva, Switzerland RPPCISLANDDWELLER18143.00
Abbey Church of St Benedict,  Subiaco ItalyAbbey Church of St Benedict, Subiaco ItalyISLANDDWELLER18133.50
Palermo, Politeama GaribaldiPalermo, Politeama GaribaldiISLANDDWELLER18122.50
Palermo, Castle UtveggioPalermo, Castle UtveggioISLANDDWELLER18112.50
Cagliaro, Giardini Station, Sardinia Cagliaro, Giardini Station, Sardinia ISLANDDWELLER18032.50
Cagliaro, Terrapieno, Embankment Sardinia Cagliaro, Terrapieno, Embankment Sardinia ISLANDDWELLER18022.50
Hospital, Trondhjem, NorwayHospital, Trondhjem, NorwayISLANDDWELLER16423.75
Ruins of Chateau du Vieux Bouchet, Sarthe, FranceRuins of Chateau du Vieux Bouchet, Sarthe, FranceISLANDDWELLER16414.00
Palace of Popes, Avignon, FrancePalace of Popes, Avignon, FranceISLANDDWELLER16182.75
Sassari Sardinia, Italy, Governor's PalaceSassari Sardinia, Italy, Governor's PalaceISLANDDWELLER16162.50
Milano Exposition, Italy, Milano Exposition, Italy, ISLANDDWELLER16134.50
Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, PlazaSassari, Sardinia, Italy, PlazaISLANDDWELLER16122.75
Cagliari, Church of Saint Anna, RPPC Cagliari, Church of Saint Anna, RPPC ISLANDDWELLER16062.75
Cagliari, Sardinia Promenade, RPPC Cagliari, Sardinia Promenade, RPPC ISLANDDWELLER16052.75
Cagliari Sardinia City Hall, RPPCCagliari Sardinia City Hall, RPPCISLANDDWELLER16032.50
Cagliari, Sardinia Arcades of Rome, RPPCCagliari, Sardinia Arcades of Rome, RPPCISLANDDWELLER16022.50
Cagliari, Sardinia Palazzo della Rinascente, RPPCCagliari, Sardinia Palazzo della Rinascente, RPPCISLANDDWELLER16012.25
Building atop Hochwanner Mountain, Alps,Bavaria, GermanyBuilding atop Hochwanner Mountain, Alps,Bavaria, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15334.00
Hindelang Mountain, Allgau - Bavaria, GermanyHindelang Mountain, Allgau - Bavaria, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15323.00
Cows Grazing by Alpine HouseCows Grazing by Alpine HouseISLANDDWELLER15313.50
Barbera Roman Baths, Trier, Germany RPPCBarbera Roman Baths, Trier, Germany RPPCISLANDDWELLER15304.50
Oberstdorf - Bavaria, Allgau GermanyOberstdorf - Bavaria, Allgau GermanyISLANDDWELLER15293.50
Kochelsee, Bavaria, GermanyKochelsee, Bavaria, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15283.00
Walchensee - Urfeld, GermanyWalchensee - Urfeld, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15273.50
Passau, GermanyPassau, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15263.25
Bad Nauheim, GermanyBad Nauheim, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15223.50
Passau, Bavaria, Germany, Passau, Bavaria, Germany, ISLANDDWELLER15204.50
Hollentalklamm Gorge, Near Garmish, Bavaria, Germany, AlpsHollentalklamm Gorge, Near Garmish, Bavaria, Germany, AlpsISLANDDWELLER151912.50
Bratwurstglocklein, Bavaria, Nurnberg, GermanyBratwurstglocklein, Bavaria, Nurnberg, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15188.50
Albrecht Durer's House, Bavaria, Nurnberg, GermanyAlbrecht Durer's House, Bavaria, Nurnberg, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15175.00
Nurnberg Panorama View Germany, BavariaNurnberg Panorama View Germany, BavariaISLANDDWELLER15164.00
Garmisch Germany, BavariaGarmisch Germany, BavariaISLANDDWELLER15153.50
Mittenwald Germany, BavariaMittenwald Germany, BavariaISLANDDWELLER15143.50
Egern Germany, BavariaEgern Germany, BavariaISLANDDWELLER15134.00
Stadt Theater Nurnberg, GermanyStadt Theater Nurnberg, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15124.50
Statuary in Palmengarten Frankfurt, GermanyStatuary in Palmengarten Frankfurt, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15113.50
 Oberkochen, Germany Oberkochen, GermanyISLANDDWELLER15063.50
Three Women in Local Costume, Baden Baden, Germany Black ForestThree Women in Local Costume, Baden Baden, Germany Black ForestISLANDDWELLER15022.50
Oberkochen, Wurttenberg, Germany RPPC of ValleyOberkochen, Wurttenberg, Germany RPPC of ValleyISLANDDWELLER14871.50
Gasthof Wagner, Gnies, Austria Gasthof Wagner, Gnies, Austria ISLANDDWELLER14852.00
Nurnberg, Schoner Brunnen und Frauenkirche, 1900'sNurnberg, Schoner Brunnen und Frauenkirche, 1900'sISLANDDWELLER14845.50
Nurnberg, Dutzendteich 1900'sNurnberg, Dutzendteich 1900'sISLANDDWELLER14834.25
Nurnberg, Luginsland mit funfeckigem TurmNurnberg, Luginsland mit funfeckigem TurmISLANDDWELLER14824.25
Nurnberg, Bratwurstglocklein early 1900's Nurnberg, Bratwurstglocklein early 1900's ISLANDDWELLER14814.75
Miramare Olympia, Greece, Prior at MonistaryMiramare Olympia, Greece, Prior at MonistaryISLANDDWELLER14401.75
Nurnberg Germany, Tugendbrunner FountainNurnberg Germany, Tugendbrunner FountainISLANDDWELLER13943.50
Porta dei Vacca, Genova, ItalyPorta dei Vacca, Genova, ItalyISLANDDWELLER13581.50

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