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Advertising card:SkiingAdvertising card:SkiingIVANHOE651681.00
Advertising card:Skiing, LungauAdvertising card:Skiing, LungauIVANHOE651691.00
Advertising card, Sledgeing man, BAdvertising card, Sledgeing man, BIVANHOE651771.00
Skiing girl, pre 1940Skiing girl, pre 1940IVANHOE754706.00
Skiing girl, *PU 1938Skiing girl, *PU 1938IVANHOE753336.00
Georgia:Abhasia,Pitsunda, Winter swimming-poolGeorgia:Abhasia,Pitsunda, Winter swimming-poolIVANHOE713351.00
Sweden:Stamp on postcard, sport, tennisSweden:Stamp on postcard, sport, tennisIVANHOE746331.00
Advertising card, Skiing manAdvertising card, Skiing manIVANHOE651751.00
Spain:Granada, alpinists, monoplane, bikersSpain:Granada, alpinists, monoplane, bikersIVANHOE713881.00
Football team, soccer, goal, real photo, pre 1940Football team, soccer, goal, real photo, pre 1940IVANHOE697474.00
Advertising card, snowboard, CAdvertising card, snowboard, CIVANHOE651741.00
Skiing boy, *PU 1935Skiing boy, *PU 1935IVANHOE696603.00
Beach motive, water jumps, boat, *PU 1908Beach motive, water jumps, boat, *PU 1908IVANHOE696273.25
Advertising card, snowboard, BAdvertising card, snowboard, BIVANHOE651731.00
Advertising card, slalom, horseraceAdvertising card, slalom, horseraceIVANHOE651651.00
Advertising card, sledging man, AAdvertising card, sledging man, AIVANHOE651761.00
Advertising card, snowboard, AAdvertising card, snowboard, AIVANHOE651721.00
Advertising card:Snowboard, collegetour 2003Advertising card:Snowboard, collegetour 2003IVANHOE651711.00
Advertising card:SnowboardsAdvertising card:SnowboardsIVANHOE651701.00
Advertising card, snowboardAdvertising card, snowboardIVANHOE651661.00
Advertising card, alpinistAdvertising card, alpinistIVANHOE651641.00
Advertising card, winddragonsAdvertising card, winddragonsIVANHOE651631.00
Advertising card:Grinch, run startAdvertising card:Grinch, run startIVANHOE651621.00
China : SportsmanChina : SportsmanIVANHOE651611.00
Russia:Letter chess card, brownRussia:Letter chess card, brownIVANHOE651421.00
Australia:Gold coast, surfersAustralia:Gold coast, surfersIVANHOE650161.00
Greece:Athens 2004 Olympic games advertisingGreece:Athens 2004 Olympic games advertisingIVANHOE650141.00
Poland:Tatra mountains, alpinistPoland:Tatra mountains, alpinistIVANHOE650121.00
Russia:Letter chess card, blackRussia:Letter chess card, blackIVANHOE651411.00
Advertising card, Tennis and sport clothesAdvertising card, Tennis and sport clothesIVANHOE649601.00
Men playing billiards, strong hit, *PU 1925Men playing billiards, strong hit, *PU 1925IVANHOE566388.50
Advertising card,Football championship 2004,golf,AAdvertising card,Football championship 2004,golf,AIVANHOE454031.00
Advertising card,Football championship 2004,golf,BAdvertising card,Football championship 2004,golf,BIVANHOE454041.00
Advertising card,Football championship 2004,golf,DAdvertising card,Football championship 2004,golf,DIVANHOE454061.00
Running people, marathon, street viewRunning people, marathon, street viewIVANHOE390841.00
Kid with skis, pre 1945Kid with skis, pre 1945IVANHOE568102.75
Skiing boy, pre 1940Skiing boy, pre 1940IVANHOE613123.75
Estonia:Soldiers playing soccer, football,pre 1940Estonia:Soldiers playing soccer, football,pre 1940IVANHOE610093.75
Skiing kids, pre 1940Skiing kids, pre 1940IVANHOE568113.75

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