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USA:New York City, Chrysler buildingUSA:New York City, Chrysler buildingIVANHOE656331.00
USA:New York, Central Park, *PU 1914USA:New York, Central Park, *PU 1914IVANHOE752016.00
USA:Alaska, flag, Mount McKinley, wonder lakeUSA:Alaska, flag, Mount McKinley, wonder lakeIVANHOE690271.00
USA:California caverns, Subterranean lakeUSA:California caverns, Subterranean lakeIVANHOE689611.00
USA:University of MissouriUSA:University of MissouriIVANHOE674481.00
USA:CA, California ShorelineUSA:CA, California ShorelineIVANHOE660411.00
USA:CA, Joshua trees on Mojave desert,mountainsUSA:CA, Joshua trees on Mojave desert,mountainsIVANHOE660771.00
USA:Laurel falls, waterfallUSA:Laurel falls, waterfallIVANHOE936581.00
USA:Colorado, Rocky mountain park, waterfallUSA:Colorado, Rocky mountain park, waterfallIVANHOE935711.00
USA:South Dakota, Bridal Veil waterfallsUSA:South Dakota, Bridal Veil waterfallsIVANHOE935731.00
USA:South Carolina, Eastatoee waterfallUSA:South Carolina, Eastatoee waterfallIVANHOE645451.00
USA:Los Angeles, MacArthur Park, overviewUSA:Los Angeles, MacArthur Park, overviewIVANHOE633141.00
USA:Florida, The Islander, resortUSA:Florida, The Islander, resortIVANHOE632421.00
USA:VA, Randolph-Macon collegeUSA:VA, Randolph-Macon collegeIVANHOE503071.00
USA:Alaska, Cordova harbourUSA:Alaska, Cordova harbourIVANHOE502541.00
USA:Georgia:Atlanta, Georgia State capitolUSA:Georgia:Atlanta, Georgia State capitolIVANHOE500661.00
USA:CA, Burbank, A view of City hallUSA:CA, Burbank, A view of City hallIVANHOE470681.00
USA:SC, Greenville, Furman University, fountainsUSA:SC, Greenville, Furman University, fountainsIVANHOE501311.00
USA:New Orleans, Chartres street, pre 1920USA:New Orleans, Chartres street, pre 1920IVANHOE580514.00
USA:New York City, railway station, *PU 1925USA:New York City, railway station, *PU 1925IVANHOE581894.00
USA:St.Augustine, Old City Gates, pre 1920USA:St.Augustine, Old City Gates, pre 1920IVANHOE580524.00
USA:Hamilton, Soldiers monument, pre 1940USA:Hamilton, Soldiers monument, pre 1940IVANHOE570813.75
USA:New York, Chatam square and Bowery, pre 1920USA:New York, Chatam square and Bowery, pre 1920IVANHOE571623.75
USA:Kansas, Osawatomie, High school, pre 1940USA:Kansas, Osawatomie, High school, pre 1940IVANHOE571093.75
USA:Hamilton, Fort Hamilton hospital, pre 1920USA:Hamilton, Fort Hamilton hospital, pre 1920IVANHOE570833.75

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