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Lithuania:500 talonas, bear, UNC, 1992Lithuania:500 talonas, bear, UNC, 1992IVANHOE577775.00
Lithuania:500 talonas, wolfs, UNC, 1993Lithuania:500 talonas, wolfs, UNC, 1993IVANHOE577792.50
Lithuania:2 lits, UNC, 1993Lithuania:2 lits, UNC, 1993IVANHOE577802.50
Turkmenistan:20 manats, UNC, 1993Turkmenistan:20 manats, UNC, 1993IVANHOE577813.00
Turkmenistan:50 manats, UNC, 1993Turkmenistan:50 manats, UNC, 1993IVANHOE577823.00
Turkmenistan:50 manats, UNC, 1995Turkmenistan:50 manats, UNC, 1995IVANHOE577832.00
Turkmenistan:100 manats, UNC, 1993Turkmenistan:100 manats, UNC, 1993IVANHOE577845.00
Turkmenistan:100 manats, UNC, 1995Turkmenistan:100 manats, UNC, 1995IVANHOE577852.00
Turkmenistan:500 manats, UNC, 1995Turkmenistan:500 manats, UNC, 1995IVANHOE577875.00
Turkmenistan:1000 manats, UNC, 1995Turkmenistan:1000 manats, UNC, 1995IVANHOE577887.50
Germany:Baltic States:50 mark,Kaunas issue, 1918Germany:Baltic States:50 mark,Kaunas issue, 1918IVANHOE5776911.00
Ukraina:5000 kupons, UNC, 1995Ukraina:5000 kupons, UNC, 1995IVANHOE577896.00
Russia:Obligation, 10 roubles, VF+, 1957Russia:Obligation, 10 roubles, VF+, 1957IVANHOE577595.50
Russia:50 roubles, VF, with Karjala, 1947Russia:50 roubles, VF, with Karjala, 1947IVANHOE577545.50
Russia:Obligation, 100 roubles, VF+, 1956Russia:Obligation, 100 roubles, VF+, 1956IVANHOE577575.50
Indonesia:1000 rupies, UNC, 1992Indonesia:1000 rupies, UNC, 1992IVANHOE579151.00
Kirgistan:10 tuiuns, UNC, pre 2000Kirgistan:10 tuiuns, UNC, pre 2000IVANHOE578991.00
Kirgistan:50 tuiuns, UNC, pre 2000Kirgistan:50 tuiuns, UNC, pre 2000IVANHOE579001.00
Kazakh:1 tuin, UNC, 1993Kazakh:1 tuin, UNC, 1993IVANHOE579031.00
Kazakh:2 tuins, UNC, 1993Kazakh:2 tuins, UNC, 1993IVANHOE579041.00
Pridnestrovie:Overprint, 10000 roubles, UNC, 1994Pridnestrovie:Overprint, 10000 roubles, UNC, 1994IVANHOE579051.00
Myanmar:5 kyats, UNC, pre 2000Myanmar:5 kyats, UNC, pre 2000IVANHOE579091.00
Russia:100 roubles, F, with Karjala, 1947Russia:100 roubles, F, with Karjala, 1947IVANHOE579338.00
Belarus:5 roubles, UNC, 2000Belarus:5 roubles, UNC, 2000IVANHOE578941.00
Belarus:10 roubles, UNC, 2000Belarus:10 roubles, UNC, 2000IVANHOE578951.00
Belarus:20 roubles, UNC, 2000Belarus:20 roubles, UNC, 2000IVANHOE578961.00
Tadjikistan:1 rouble, UNC, 1994Tadjikistan:1 rouble, UNC, 1994IVANHOE578821.00
Latvia:2 rublis, UNC, 1992Latvia:2 rublis, UNC, 1992IVANHOE578811.00
Lithuania:0.10 talonas with overprint, VF, 1991Lithuania:0.10 talonas with overprint, VF, 1991IVANHOE578771.00
Lithuania:0.20 talonas with overprint, VF, 1991Lithuania:0.20 talonas with overprint, VF, 1991IVANHOE578781.00
Lithuania:0.50 talonas with overprint, UNC, 1991Lithuania:0.50 talonas with overprint, UNC, 1991IVANHOE578801.00
Russia:Obligation, 10 roubles, VF+, 1950Russia:Obligation, 10 roubles, VF+, 1950IVANHOE577585.50
Tadjikistan:10 roubles, UNC, 1994Tadjikistan:10 roubles, UNC, 1994IVANHOE578841.00
Zambia:10 kwachas, UNC, pre 2000Zambia:10 kwachas, UNC, pre 2000IVANHOE578544.50
Zambia:100 kwachas, UNC, 1992Zambia:100 kwachas, UNC, 1992IVANHOE578552.50
Egypt:10 piastres, UNC, pre 1970Egypt:10 piastres, UNC, pre 1970IVANHOE578583.00
Bielorussia:50 roubles, UNC, 2000Bielorussia:50 roubles, UNC, 2000IVANHOE439421.00
Thailand:10 bahts?, UNCThailand:10 bahts?, UNCIVANHOE438861.00
Ukraina:1 kupon, UNC, 1991Ukraina:1 kupon, UNC, 1991IVANHOE578891.00
Ukraina:10000 kupons, UNC, 1995Ukraina:10000 kupons, UNC, 1995IVANHOE578921.00
Ukraina:20000 kupons, UNC, 1995Ukraina:20000 kupons, UNC, 1995IVANHOE578931.00
Tadjikistan:50 roubles, UNC, 1994Tadjikistan:50 roubles, UNC, 1994IVANHOE578851.00
Iraq:50 dinars, UNC, pre 2000Iraq:50 dinars, UNC, pre 2000IVANHOE579231.00
Indonesia:10 sens, UNC, 1964Indonesia:10 sens, UNC, 1964IVANHOE438921.00
Bielorussia:50 kopiks, UNC, 1992, squirrelBielorussia:50 kopiks, UNC, 1992, squirrelIVANHOE439581.00
Bielorussia:200 roubles, VF, 1992, housesBielorussia:200 roubles, VF, 1992, housesIVANHOE439501.00
Bielorussia:100 roubles, VF, 1992, buffaloBielorussia:100 roubles, VF, 1992, buffaloIVANHOE439511.00
Bielorussia:10 roubles, VF, 1992, lynxBielorussia:10 roubles, VF, 1992, lynxIVANHOE439541.00
Bielorussia:1000 roubles, VF, 1992Bielorussia:1000 roubles, VF, 1992IVANHOE439491.00
Bielorussia:50 roubles, VF+++, 1992, bearBielorussia:50 roubles, VF+++, 1992, bearIVANHOE439521.00

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