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Poland:50 zlots, UNC, 1986Poland:50 zlots, UNC, 1986IVANHOE438481.00
Poland:50 zlots, UNC, 1988Poland:50 zlots, UNC, 1988IVANHOE438491.00
Poland:100 zlots, UNC, 1988Poland:100 zlots, UNC, 1988IVANHOE438501.00
Poland:100 zlots, UNC, 1986Poland:100 zlots, UNC, 1986IVANHOE438511.00
Iraq:1/4 Dinar, VFIraq:1/4 Dinar, VFIVANHOE438401.00
Brasil:5000 Cruzados with overprine 5 cruzasos,UNCBrasil:5000 Cruzados with overprine 5 cruzasos,UNCIVANHOE438251.00
Brasil:100000 cruzeiros, VFBrasil:100000 cruzeiros, VFIVANHOE438161.00
Brasil:1 Real, VFBrasil:1 Real, VFIVANHOE438121.00
Brasil:50 Cruzados, VFBrasil:50 Cruzados, VFIVANHOE438151.00
Tadjikistan:1 rouble, UNC, 1994Tadjikistan:1 rouble, UNC, 1994IVANHOE437771.00
Myanmar:1 kyat, UNCMyanmar:1 kyat, UNCIVANHOE438081.00
Transdnistria:50 roubles, UNC, 1993Transdnistria:50 roubles, UNC, 1993IVANHOE437681.00
Estonia:West Estonian bank stock, A serie, 1991Estonia:West Estonian bank stock, A serie, 1991IVANHOE611925.50
Brasil:200 Cruzeiros, UNCBrasil:200 Cruzeiros, UNCIVANHOE438331.00
Brasil:500 Cruzeiros, Very FineBrasil:500 Cruzeiros, Very FineIVANHOE438341.00
Estonia:Russia:Sugar talons, 1947Estonia:Russia:Sugar talons, 1947IVANHOE569574.75
China:2 Jiao, UNC, 1980China:2 Jiao, UNC, 1980IVANHOE438641.00
Poland:500 zlots, UNC, 1982Poland:500 zlots, UNC, 1982IVANHOE438531.00

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