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Dennis Scott Orlando Magic - BasketballDennis Scott Orlando Magic - BasketballKDL89604.00
Rod Carew California Angels PostcardRod Carew California Angels PostcardKDL418244.00
Arvydas Sabonis Portland Trail Blazers BasketballArvydas Sabonis Portland Trail Blazers BasketballKDL89594.00
Mitch Ritchmond Sacramento Kings - BasketballMitch Ritchmond Sacramento Kings - BasketballKDL89584.00
Jamal Mashburn Dallas Mavericks - BasketballJamal Mashburn Dallas Mavericks - BasketballKDL89544.00
Shawn Bradley New Jersey Nets - BasketballShawn Bradley New Jersey Nets - BasketballKDL89464.00
Eldon Campbell Los Angeles Lakers - BasketballEldon Campbell Los Angeles Lakers - BasketballKDL89484.00
Terrell Brandon Cleveland Cavaliers - BasketballTerrell Brandon Cleveland Cavaliers - BasketballKDL89474.00
Vin Baker Milwaukee Bucks - BasketballVin Baker Milwaukee Bucks - BasketballKDL89454.00
Greg Anthony Vancouver Grizzlies - BasketballGreg Anthony Vancouver Grizzlies - BasketballKDL89444.00
Greg Pavlick Coach  New York Mets 1986TCMAGreg Pavlick Coach New York Mets 1986TCMAKDL38354.00
Ed Lynch 1985  New York Mets 1986TCMAEd Lynch 1985 New York Mets 1986TCMAKDL88254.00
The Bird Baltimore Orioles Mascot non-pc backThe Bird Baltimore Orioles Mascot non-pc backKDL52454.00
Lackawanna County PA Stadium Postcard NITELackawanna County PA Stadium Postcard NITEKDL101584.00
Baltimore Orioles Mark Williamson Memorial StadiumBaltimore Orioles Mark Williamson Memorial StadiumKDL247214.00
Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves BasketballKevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves BasketballKDL89514.00
Kevin Johnson Phoenix Suns -BasketballKevin Johnson Phoenix Suns -BasketballKDL96684.00
Fargodome Stadium Fargo North DakotaFargodome Stadium Fargo North DakotaKDL468374.00
Man in Rowboat Fishing by A. Devaney Inc.Man in Rowboat Fishing by A. Devaney Inc.KDL438994.00
Sailboats, Boaters on Dock CK152Sailboats, Boaters on Dock CK152KDL438944.00
Leon Goose Goslin Outfielder Baseball PlayerLeon Goose Goslin Outfielder Baseball PlayerKDL362344.00
Lackawanna County Stadium Pennsylvania PALackawanna County Stadium Pennsylvania PAKDL322734.00
Alonzo Mourning Miami Heat - BasketballAlonzo Mourning Miami Heat - BasketballKDL322484.00
Leslie Ambrose 'Bullet Joe' Bush Pitcher 3- WS WLeslie Ambrose 'Bullet Joe' Bush Pitcher 3- WS WKDL43034.00
Stanley Coveleski, Pitcher   -TCMA 1975Stanley Coveleski, Pitcher -TCMA 1975KDL20804.00
Hexes of the Game Robert Robins -Kurtzman1991Hexes of the Game Robert Robins -Kurtzman1991KDL38394.00
Tommy John California Angels PostcardTommy John California Angels PostcardKDL190594.00
Bruce Kison California Angels PostcardBruce Kison California Angels PostcardKDL190634.00
Clarence Weatherspoon Philadelphia 76ers BBallClarence Weatherspoon Philadelphia 76ers BBallKDL89684.00
Jack DiLauro 1969 New York Mets Pitcher -RiniJack DiLauro 1969 New York Mets Pitcher -RiniKDL281714.00
Americana Gulf Resort Clearwater Beach FLAmericana Gulf Resort Clearwater Beach FLKDL459484.00
Greenbrier Casino Golf Club (Hotel) WVGreenbrier Casino Golf Club (Hotel) WVKDL462294.00
Harold Pie Traynor 3rd Base Baseball PlayerHarold Pie Traynor 3rd Base Baseball PlayerKDL285854.00
Jim Plukett PostcardJim Plukett PostcardKDL443334.00
John Riggins PostcardJohn Riggins PostcardKDL443324.00

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