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Zlatorog -Zlatorog -NYPOSTCARDS1344105.00
2 - Institution des Diaconesses2 - Institution des DiaconessesNYPOSTCARDS1343325.00
Canal de Suez No.6, Courbe pres IsmailiaCanal de Suez No.6, Courbe pres IsmailiaNYPOSTCARDS1343234.50
Rodel-Heil - SleddingRodel-Heil - SleddingNYPOSTCARDS1283594.00
Gruss aus Oberhof - SleddingGruss aus Oberhof - SleddingNYPOSTCARDS1283574.00
Gruss aus Oberhof - SleddingGruss aus Oberhof - SleddingNYPOSTCARDS1283124.00
Wintersport i. oberhof i. Th. - SleddingWintersport i. oberhof i. Th. - SleddingNYPOSTCARDS1282954.00
Vacher Uri Urnersenn - Man Smoking a PipeVacher Uri Urnersenn - Man Smoking a PipeNYPOSTCARDS1273333.50
Shell Border- Troutville Vue PanoramiqueShell Border- Troutville Vue PanoramiqueNYPOSTCARDS12670912.50
Sea Shell - North Shore, BlackpoolSea Shell - North Shore, BlackpoolNYPOSTCARDS1266866.00
Sea Shell - Dieppe - Le CasinoSea Shell - Dieppe - Le CasinoNYPOSTCARDS12658910.00
Are You in This ?Are You in This ?NYPOSTCARDS1261416.00
Loewenkampf DesvergermeisLoewenkampf DesvergermeisNYPOSTCARDS12609712.00
Derloewenenhof ImrathHavs Zv Koeln, Loewenkampf DesvergermeiDerloewenenhof ImrathHavs Zv Koeln, Loewenkampf DesvergermeiNYPOSTCARDS12608710.00
Actors Orphanage, Cricket Field & FarmActors Orphanage, Cricket Field & FarmNYPOSTCARDS1257634.00
Actors Orphanage, GardenActors Orphanage, GardenNYPOSTCARDS1257374.00
RPPC, Interior of a Grange or MasonisRPPC, Interior of a Grange or MasonisNYPOSTCARDS12456322.00
Roumania - Internation Harvester CoRoumania - Internation Harvester CoNYPOSTCARDS1243906.00
Siberia - Internation Harvester CoSiberia - Internation Harvester CoNYPOSTCARDS1243756.00
Algiers - Internation Harvester CoAlgiers - Internation Harvester CoNYPOSTCARDS1243746.00
South America - Internation Harvester CoSouth America - Internation Harvester CoNYPOSTCARDS1243286.00
Extravaganza - Sardine - BridgeExtravaganza - Sardine - BridgeNYPOSTCARDS1239214.00
RPPC, J & G Hagenbecck's Malabaren-TruppeRPPC, J & G Hagenbecck's Malabaren-TruppeNYPOSTCARDS1227577.00
Black Couple, Scenes et TypesBlack Couple, Scenes et TypesNYPOSTCARDS1227515.00
Algiers, Internationsl  HarvesterAlgiers, Internationsl HarvesterNYPOSTCARDS1210535.00
Coffee Culture, AbyssiniaCoffee Culture, AbyssiniaNYPOSTCARDS1132464.00
Giant Clam Shells, Woman's Foreign MissionaryGiant Clam Shells, Woman's Foreign MissionaryNYPOSTCARDS1132445.00
Angola Crossing River LueallaAngola Crossing River LueallaNYPOSTCARDS1131874.50
Carrying Light, Texaco Illumination Oils, East Coast AfricaCarrying Light, Texaco Illumination Oils, East Coast AfricaNYPOSTCARDS1131625.00
A Turkish Sitting Room, AlgeriaA Turkish Sitting Room, AlgeriaNYPOSTCARDS1131404.00
RPPC, Goods & ChattelsRPPC, Goods & ChattelsNYPOSTCARDS1131314.00
Native Maidens of a Jungle VillageNative Maidens of a Jungle VillageNYPOSTCARDS1131294.00
3 - Arezzo - Chiesa di S. Francesco3 - Arezzo - Chiesa di S. FrancescoNYPOSTCARDS1124403.50
Vig Thrains, Battle of the VickingsVig Thrains, Battle of the VickingsNYPOSTCARDS1124363.50
3 - Arezzo - Chilesa di S. Francesco3 - Arezzo - Chilesa di S. FrancescoNYPOSTCARDS1124233.50
3 - Arezzo - Chiesa di S. Francesco3 - Arezzo - Chiesa di S. FrancescoNYPOSTCARDS1123953.50
Crocodile, Victoria FallsCrocodile, Victoria FallsNYPOSTCARDS1098173.00
Hut-u-Filzwareniager - A. Scheithauer - Hat StoreHut-u-Filzwareniager - A. Scheithauer - Hat StoreNYPOSTCARDS1017045.00
Map - OurlandMap - OurlandNYPOSTCARDS1016295.00
Reduine zu Pferd. Guerrier Bedouin. Bedouin WarriorReduine zu Pferd. Guerrier Bedouin. Bedouin WarriorNYPOSTCARDS1015536.00
Mauritanie 35 - Chameaux a l,abreuvoirMauritanie 35 - Chameaux a l,abreuvoirNYPOSTCARDS1015314.00
Small Boy with 2 Big MelonsSmall Boy with 2 Big MelonsNYPOSTCARDS1015184.50
Guinee - Homme Coniagui en tenue d'apparatGuinee - Homme Coniagui en tenue d'apparatNYPOSTCARDS1014876.00
Le CaireLe CaireNYPOSTCARDS1012294.00
Jounee Du Timbre 1945, Philippeville (Algerie)Jounee Du Timbre 1945, Philippeville (Algerie)NYPOSTCARDS1011847.00
Au bord du NilAu bord du NilNYPOSTCARDS1011805.00
Egyptian CamelsEgyptian CamelsNYPOSTCARDS1011626.00
2 - Memnon-Saulen & Pyramiden und Sphinx2 - Memnon-Saulen & Pyramiden und SphinxNYPOSTCARDS1011365.00

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