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Packistan International A310 Packistan International A310 RJC601351.00
Olgii Mongolia AirportOlgii Mongolia AirportRJC601331.50
Lithainian Airlines Saab 2000Lithainian Airlines Saab 2000RJC601321.00
Burma Airways F28Burma Airways F28RJC601311.00
Scandinavian 747 Airline Issued Scandinavian 747 Airline Issued RJC601300.75
Lauda 767 Airline Issued Lauda 767 Airline Issued RJC601291.25
Air Hong Kong 747-123Air Hong Kong 747-123RJC601281.00
NFD ATR42 Airline Issued NFD ATR42 Airline Issued RJC601261.25
Lufthansa A340 Airline Issued Lufthansa A340 Airline Issued RJC601251.00
CSA Czechoslovac TU154 Airline Issued CSA Czechoslovac TU154 Airline Issued RJC601241.00
Britannia 767 Birmingham airportBritannia 767 Birmingham airportRJC601231.00
Air Dolomiti ATR72Air Dolomiti ATR72RJC601221.00
Sabena 737-300 cockpit Airline Issued Sabena 737-300 cockpit Airline Issued RJC601211.25
Britannia 737-200 Airline Issue Britannia 737-200 Airline Issue RJC601171.25
Finnair DC9   Finnair DC9 RJC601160.75
Lar Romanian Airlines BAC 1-11 Airline Issued Lar Romanian Airlines BAC 1-11 Airline Issued RJC601151.25
Solar Impulse route mapSolar Impulse route mapRJC601141.00
Kuwait A330Kuwait A330RJC601121.00
Avro TutorAvro TutorRJC601111.00
Twin Bonanza Twin Bonanza RJC601101.00
Jersey European Bae146Jersey European Bae146RJC601091.00
Iberia  DC8-63 Airline issued Iberia DC8-63 Airline issued RJC601081.50
British Airways 757British Airways 757RJC601061.00
Braathens Safe737-400 Airline IssuedBraathens Safe737-400 Airline IssuedRJC601051.00
Boliviana de Aviacion 737-300Boliviana de Aviacion 737-300RJC601041.00
Deutsches Historisches Museum DC4Deutsches Historisches Museum DC4RJC601031.00
Bonair Excel ATR 42 Bonair Excel ATR 42 RJC601021.00
Aeroflot planes at airport  Aeroflot planes at airport RJC601011.00
Crossair Metroliner Airline Issued usedCrossair Metroliner Airline Issued usedRJC601001.00
Air Madagascar 737-300Air Madagascar 737-300RJC600991.00
Paris Orly Airport UsedParis Orly Airport UsedRJC600981.00
Swissair DC9 Airline Issued usedSwissair DC9 Airline Issued usedRJC600971.00
Scandinavian DC9 Airline IssuedScandinavian DC9 Airline IssuedRJC600961.00
75th Anniversary of the Czechoslovak Aviation75th Anniversary of the Czechoslovak AviationRJC600951.00
Air Niger F27Air Niger F27RJC600941.00
Crossair Saab 340Crossair Saab 340RJC600931.00
JAT Yugoslav Airlines 727JAT Yugoslav Airlines 727RJC600911.00
Schiphol Airport - KLM planeSchiphol Airport - KLM planeRJC600901.00
Locheed Vega Locheed Vega RJC600891.00
American Airlines 707 Airline Issued American Airlines 707 Airline Issued RJC600881.00
CSA Czechoslovak TU 134CSA Czechoslovak TU 134RJC600871.00
Sun Princess  Sun Princess RJC600861.25
Holland America Statendam  Holland America Statendam RJC600851.25
Holland America Rotterdam  Holland America Rotterdam RJC600841.25
Santa AirplaneSanta AirplaneRJC600831.00
Australian Aircraft - Winjeel trainerAustralian Aircraft - Winjeel trainerRJC600821.00
Lufthansa CRJ Airline IssuedLufthansa CRJ Airline IssuedRJC600811.00
Lufthansa 747-200 Airline IssuedLufthansa 747-200 Airline IssuedRJC600801.00
Trans Canada Airlines ViscountTrans Canada Airlines ViscountRJC600793.00
BEA CometBEA CometRJC600781.00

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