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Iceland B19-20 MNH SetIceland B19-20 MNH SetWME549961.00
Iceland 308 MLH SetIceland 308 MLH SetWME538951.00
Iceland 639-640 Used SetIceland 639-640 Used SetWME522101.00
Iceland 671-672 Used SetIceland 671-672 Used SetWME522091.00
Iceland 236 MNH SetIceland 236 MNH SetWME504731.00
Iceland 340-351 MNH SetIceland 340-351 MNH SetWME504591.00
Iceland 372-374 MNH SetIceland 372-374 MNH SetWME504581.25
Iceland O40 UsedIceland O40 UsedWME504442.00
Iceland 1948 Olympic Games Label MNHIceland 1948 Olympic Games Label MNHWME488216.50
Iceland 234 UsedIceland 234 UsedWME487506.00
Iceland 44 UsedIceland 44 UsedWME483487.00
Iceland 215 Used, One short perf.Iceland 215 Used, One short perf.WME483471.50
Iceland 777-778 MNH SetIceland 777-778 MNH SetWME483261.50
Iceland C9-11 Set MH, No GumIceland C9-11 Set MH, No GumWME4734525.00
Iceland 171 MH Iceland 171 MH WME472725.50
Iceland C21-26 MNH SetIceland C21-26 MNH SetWME472594.50
Iceland 91 UsedIceland 91 UsedWME4679022.00
Iceland 107 UsedIceland 107 UsedWME4678912.50
Iceland 157 MH Spacefiller, has gum thinsIceland 157 MH Spacefiller, has gum thinsWME467885.50
Iceland 352-353 MH SetIceland 352-353 MH SetWME467831.00
Iceland 345-347 MH SetIceland 345-347 MH SetWME467821.00
Iceland O33 UsedIceland O33 UsedWME464322.25
Iceland 559-560 MLH Sets[2]Iceland 559-560 MLH Sets[2]WME463531.00
Iceland O52 Used Set of OneIceland O52 Used Set of OneWME441501.00
Iceland 158 MHIceland 158 MHWME445143.75