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Tiberias, Israel, Galei Kinnereth Hotel 1964Tiberias, Israel, Galei Kinnereth Hotel 1964WME132481.00
San Francisco, Seals on Rocks near Cliff HouseSan Francisco, Seals on Rocks near Cliff HouseWME204411.00
Marten, Tea CardMarten, Tea CardWME184911.00
Arctic Fox , Tea CardArctic Fox , Tea CardWME185711.00
Musk Oxen , Tea CardMusk Oxen , Tea CardWME185731.00
Badger , Tea CardBadger , Tea CardWME185741.00
Bog Lemming , Tea CardBog Lemming , Tea CardWME185751.00
Golden Mantled Squirrel, Tea CardGolden Mantled Squirrel, Tea CardWME184951.00
Mink, Tea CardMink, Tea CardWME184921.00
Hoary Marmot, Tea CardHoary Marmot, Tea CardWME184961.00
Franklin Ground Squirrel, Tea CardFranklin Ground Squirrel, Tea CardWME184941.00
Howling CoyoteHowling CoyoteWME186051.00
Snow Leopard, ChinaSnow Leopard, ChinaWME217381.00