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Haywood County Hospital, Waynesville, NCHaywood County Hospital, Waynesville, NCWME497411.00
Fort Morgan, AlabamaFort Morgan, AlabamaWME497401.00
The Cliff House, San Francisco 1910The Cliff House, San Francisco 1910WME383181.00
1910 New Year Greeting1910 New Year GreetingWME477542.25
RP Quarter Circle J Motel,Spences Bridge BCRP Quarter Circle J Motel,Spences Bridge BCWME477522.50
Virginia Grabbag[3]Virginia Grabbag[3]WME477511.50
Virginia Grabbag[3]Virginia Grabbag[3]WME477501.50
Malta Map CardMalta Map CardWME477471.25
Royalty RP Grabbag[3]Royalty RP Grabbag[3]WME477464.50
Oberammergau Passion Play Scenes[3], Very EarlyOberammergau Passion Play Scenes[3], Very EarlyWME477424.75
Rufous-Sided Towhee, Tea CardRufous-Sided Towhee, Tea CardWME467041.00
Gannet, Tea CardGannet, Tea CardWME467031.00
Eastern Kingbird, Tea CardEastern Kingbird, Tea CardWME467021.00
Western Wood Peewee, Tea CardWestern Wood Peewee, Tea CardWME467011.00
Catbird, Tea CardCatbird, Tea CardWME467001.00
Three-Wattled Bellbird, Tea CardThree-Wattled Bellbird, Tea CardWME466991.00
House Finch, Tea CardHouse Finch, Tea CardWME466841.00
Canada Warbler, Tea CardCanada Warbler, Tea CardWME466831.00
Ruffed Grouse, Tea CardRuffed Grouse, Tea CardWME466821.00
Willow Ptarmigan, Tea CardWillow Ptarmigan, Tea CardWME466811.00
Short-tailed Grouse, Tea CardShort-tailed Grouse, Tea CardWME466801.00
Ring-Necked Pheasant, Tea CardRing-Necked Pheasant, Tea CardWME466791.00
Whooping Crane, Tea CardWhooping Crane, Tea CardWME466781.00
Blue MockingBird, Tea CardBlue MockingBird, Tea CardWME466771.00
Red Cotinga, Tea CardRed Cotinga, Tea CardWME466761.00
Yellow Grosbeak, Tea CardYellow Grosbeak, Tea CardWME466751.00
Virginia Rail, Tea CardVirginia Rail, Tea CardWME466741.00
Semipalmated Plover, Tea CardSemipalmated Plover, Tea CardWME466731.00
Starling, Tea CardStarling, Tea CardWME466671.00
Common Goldeneye, Tea CardCommon Goldeneye, Tea CardWME466661.00
Myrtle Warbler, Tea CardMyrtle Warbler, Tea CardWME466651.00
Canada Jay, Tea CardCanada Jay, Tea CardWME466641.00
Gray-Crowned Rosy Finch, Tea CardGray-Crowned Rosy Finch, Tea CardWME466631.00
Cardinal, Tea CardCardinal, Tea CardWME466621.00
Beaver, Tea CardBeaver, Tea CardWME466611.00
Pika, Tea CardPika, Tea CardWME466601.00
Pileated Woodpecker, Tea cardPileated Woodpecker, Tea cardWME466591.00
Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Tea cardRose Breasted Grosbeak, Tea cardWME466581.00
Iiwi, Tea cardIiwi, Tea cardWME466571.00
Kenilworth Castle & Rustic Bridge, EarlyKenilworth Castle & Rustic Bridge, EarlyWME171451.00
Loudon, L'Eglise Saint-Pierre-du-Martray, EarlyLoudon, L'Eglise Saint-Pierre-du-Martray, EarlyWME151731.00
Lovely Embossed 1912 Easter card with Cross & FlowersLovely Embossed 1912 Easter card with Cross & FlowersWME442442.00
Lovely Embossed 1904 Easter card with Easter Bunny & ChickensLovely Embossed 1904 Easter card with Easter Bunny & ChickensWME442453.00
Lovely Early Easter card with Birds & Large EggLovely Early Easter card with Birds & Large EggWME442462.50
Lovely Early Easter card with Easter Bunnies & EggsLovely Early Easter card with Easter Bunnies & EggsWME442472.75
Easter Card with Chicks & Flowers 1915Easter Card with Chicks & Flowers 1915WME432771.00
Lovely Embossed Early Easter card with Hen & chicksLovely Embossed Early Easter card with Hen & chicksWME442502.00
Lovely  Early Easter card with Cross & Windmill, used 1910Lovely Early Easter card with Cross & Windmill, used 1910WME442512.25
Hawaii, Lava Arch on Early CardHawaii, Lava Arch on Early CardWME441274.75
1920 Easter card with Flowers & Scene1920 Easter card with Flowers & SceneWME442421.75

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