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Falkland Islands 158-161 MNH Set, has a bit of very minor dist. gumFalkland Islands 158-161 MNH Set, has a bit of very minor dist. gumWME374425.00
Canada 94 UsedCanada 94 UsedWME339249.00
Falkland Islands 87 MHFalkland Islands 87 MHWME346131.00
Vietnam[North]  95-96 MNH SetVietnam[North] 95-96 MNH SetWME350941.00
Korea- Democratic Peoples Republic 137A Used[Imperf]Korea- Democratic Peoples Republic 137A Used[Imperf]WME350959.00
Belgium B943-948 MLH SetBelgium B943-948 MLH SetWME351001.00
Dominica 13  UsedDominica 13 UsedWME351072.50
Falkland Islands 122-127 MH SetFalkland Islands 122-127 MH SetWME3563410.50
Dominica 71 MH Dominica 71 MH WME356351.00
Mongolia Packet of 20 differentMongolia Packet of 20 differentWME367611.00
Falkland Islands 7 MH, No GumFalkland Islands 7 MH, No GumWME3818815.00
Ireland 556 MNHIreland 556 MNHWME3818410.00
Norway 781-782 MNH SetNorway 781-782 MNH SetWME381861.75
Hawaii 44 Used, SignedHawaii 44 Used, SignedWME367563.75
Colombia C110 UsedColombia C110 UsedWME371076.50
Netherlands Antilles 154 MHNetherlands Antilles 154 MHWME371081.00
Great Britain 139 Used, slightly rubbedGreat Britain 139 Used, slightly rubbedWME3146920.00
Germany B33A-D Used SetGermany B33A-D Used SetWME3146690.00
USA UC2 Mint Cut SquareUSA UC2 Mint Cut SquareWME290751.00
USA U529 Mint Cut SquareUSA U529 Mint Cut SquareWME290761.00
Spain 343 MHSpain 343 MHWME2951122.00
Hong Kong 166A UsedHong Kong 166A UsedWME306148.50
Iceland 232-235 MH SetIceland 232-235 MH SetWME2480745.00
Finland C4 MH SetFinland C4 MH SetWME248037.50

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