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Rufous-Sided Towhee, Tea CardRufous-Sided Towhee, Tea CardWME467041.00
Gannet, Tea CardGannet, Tea CardWME467031.00
Eastern Kingbird, Tea CardEastern Kingbird, Tea CardWME467021.00
Western Wood Peewee, Tea CardWestern Wood Peewee, Tea CardWME467011.00
Catbird, Tea CardCatbird, Tea CardWME467001.00
Three-Wattled Bellbird, Tea CardThree-Wattled Bellbird, Tea CardWME466991.00
House Finch, Tea CardHouse Finch, Tea CardWME466841.00
Canada Warbler, Tea CardCanada Warbler, Tea CardWME466831.00
Ruffed Grouse, Tea CardRuffed Grouse, Tea CardWME466821.00
Willow Ptarmigan, Tea CardWillow Ptarmigan, Tea CardWME466811.00
Short-tailed Grouse, Tea CardShort-tailed Grouse, Tea CardWME466801.00
Ring-Necked Pheasant, Tea CardRing-Necked Pheasant, Tea CardWME466791.00
Whooping Crane, Tea CardWhooping Crane, Tea CardWME466781.00
Blue MockingBird, Tea CardBlue MockingBird, Tea CardWME466771.00
Red Cotinga, Tea CardRed Cotinga, Tea CardWME466761.00
Yellow Grosbeak, Tea CardYellow Grosbeak, Tea CardWME466751.00
Virginia Rail, Tea CardVirginia Rail, Tea CardWME466741.00
Semipalmated Plover, Tea CardSemipalmated Plover, Tea CardWME466731.00
Fork-tailed Flycatcher, Tea CardFork-tailed Flycatcher, Tea CardWME169481.00
Marten, Tea CardMarten, Tea CardWME184911.00
Arctic Fox , Tea CardArctic Fox , Tea CardWME185711.00
Grizzly Bear , Tea CardGrizzly Bear , Tea CardWME185691.00
Badger , Tea CardBadger , Tea CardWME185741.00
Bog Lemming , Tea CardBog Lemming , Tea CardWME185751.00
Rose-Breasted Thrush Tanager, Tea CardRose-Breasted Thrush Tanager, Tea CardWME185651.00
Red-Crested Cardinal, Tea CardRed-Crested Cardinal, Tea CardWME185661.00
Golden Mantled Squirrel, Tea CardGolden Mantled Squirrel, Tea CardWME184951.00
Mink, Tea CardMink, Tea CardWME184921.00
Hoary Marmot, Tea CardHoary Marmot, Tea CardWME184961.00
Franklin Ground Squirrel, Tea CardFranklin Ground Squirrel, Tea CardWME184941.00
Snow Geese, Tea CardSnow Geese, Tea CardWME184601.00
Red Crossbill, Tea CardRed Crossbill, Tea CardWME184671.00
Rufous Hummingbird, Tea CardRufous Hummingbird, Tea CardWME184751.00
Long-Eared Owl, Tea CardLong-Eared Owl, Tea CardWME184631.00
Swainson's Hawk, Tea CardSwainson's Hawk, Tea CardWME184641.00
Gyrfalcon, Tea CardGyrfalcon, Tea CardWME184651.00
Oregon Junco, Tea CardOregon Junco, Tea CardWME184771.00
Red-Shafted Flicker, Tea CardRed-Shafted Flicker, Tea CardWME184791.00
Peruvian Cock-of -the -Rock, Tea CardPeruvian Cock-of -the -Rock, Tea CardWME169491.00