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Calcutta, Jain Temple @1914Calcutta, Jain Temple @1914WME396451.00
Tomb of Masahige, EarlyTomb of Masahige, EarlyWME230881.00
Malacca, Toddy TaapperMalacca, Toddy TaapperWME198061.00
Ceylon, RP Devil DancersCeylon, RP Devil DancersWME413291.00
RP Miyajima, Itsukushima ShrineRP Miyajima, Itsukushima ShrineWME239251.00
Mukden, Manchuria, Imperial MausoleumMukden, Manchuria, Imperial MausoleumWME218471.00
Thailand,Chiengmai,Great Stairs,Wat Doi SutepThailand,Chiengmai,Great Stairs,Wat Doi SutepWME168441.00
Beijing, The Imperial Palace 1988Beijing, The Imperial Palace 1988WME218891.00
Yueyang Pavilion 1981Yueyang Pavilion 1981WME218901.00
Dazu Buddha SceneDazu Buddha SceneWME195241.00
Thailand, Bangkok, Wat Phra JetubonThailand, Bangkok, Wat Phra JetubonWME168431.00
Atami, Kabuto-IwaAtami, Kabuto-IwaWME211291.00
Nara, Daibutsu BelfryNara, Daibutsu BelfryWME224751.00
Java, Garoet Forest Scene@ 1918Java, Garoet Forest Scene@ 1918WME232541.00
Omi, Bell Tower at Ishiyama, EarlyOmi, Bell Tower at Ishiyama, EarlyWME235031.00
Tiberias, Israel, Galei Kinnereth Hotel 1964Tiberias, Israel, Galei Kinnereth Hotel 1964WME132481.00
Peking, The Summer Palace, Long CorridorPeking, The Summer Palace, Long CorridorWME141071.00
Ting Shan Lake Garden, ShanghaiTing Shan Lake Garden, ShanghaiWME218911.00
Guangxi, Bridge at Chengyang ViGuangxi, Bridge at Chengyang ViWME206031.00
Guangxi, Monument to Baise UprisingGuangxi, Monument to Baise UprisingWME206041.00
Guangxi, Bridge Scene, NanningGuangxi, Bridge Scene, NanningWME206051.00
Guangxi, Beihai Port Fishing BoatsGuangxi, Beihai Port Fishing BoatsWME206061.00
Guangxi, Huasha Cliff Mural PaintingsGuangxi, Huasha Cliff Mural PaintingsWME206071.00
Guangxi, Zhuang Area SceneGuangxi, Zhuang Area SceneWME206081.00
Ningsia, The 108 PagodasNingsia, The 108 PagodasWME133851.00
Yangtze, Scene at Three GorgesYangtze, Scene at Three GorgesWME133861.00
Ningsia, Buddha at Xumishan GrottoesNingsia, Buddha at Xumishan GrottoesWME133871.00
Terra Cotta Army, Bronze Chariot & HorsesTerra Cotta Army, Bronze Chariot & HorsesWME205861.00
Guangxi, Yangshuo Morning SceneGuangxi, Yangshuo Morning SceneWME206101.00
Mt. FujiMt. FujiWME118561.00
Early Tang Dynasty Pottery FigurineEarly Tang Dynasty Pottery FigurineWME117281.00