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Loudon, L'Eglise Saint-Pierre-du-Martray, EarlyLoudon, L'Eglise Saint-Pierre-du-Martray, EarlyWME151731.00
RP La Baule, Hotel Royal, EarlyRP La Baule, Hotel Royal, EarlyWME205981.00
Schloss Herrenchiemsee, SchlafzimmerSchloss Herrenchiemsee, SchlafzimmerWME222981.00
Issoudun, Eglise Sacre CoeurIssoudun, Eglise Sacre CoeurWME175501.00
Belgium, Bruxelles, Hotel Terminus 1925Belgium, Bruxelles, Hotel Terminus 1925WME277611.00
Garmisch ViewGarmisch ViewWME289041.00
Oberammergau Scene 1930Oberammergau Scene 1930WME289081.00
1938 Waldgasthaus Christianental1938 Waldgasthaus ChristianentalWME289111.00
Oberammergau, Mulhbach mit Kotel 1922Oberammergau, Mulhbach mit Kotel 1922WME270281.00
RP Lago di Lugano, Morcote, Cimitero 1939RP Lago di Lugano, Morcote, Cimitero 1939WME250311.00
RP DinkelsbuhlRP DinkelsbuhlWME252671.00
Mt. Saint-Michel, Stairway in the SpiresMt. Saint-Michel, Stairway in the SpiresWME261081.00
RP, Kobenhavn, Denmark, RundetaarnRP, Kobenhavn, Denmark, RundetaarnWME263421.00
Pont Croix, L'Eglise Notre Dame de RoseudunPont Croix, L'Eglise Notre Dame de RoseudunWME177601.00
Grosseto, Cattedrale 1923Grosseto, Cattedrale 1923WME177691.00
Lago Maggiore, Intra, 1949Lago Maggiore, Intra, 1949WME186961.00
RP Netherlands, Scheveningen KurhausRP Netherlands, Scheveningen KurhausWME187031.00
Netherlands, Girl of MarkenNetherlands, Girl of MarkenWME218021.00
Pisa, Chiesa di S. Maria della Spina 1926Pisa, Chiesa di S. Maria della Spina 1926WME289171.00
Oostseebad, Glucksburg MultiviewOostseebad, Glucksburg MultiviewWME299931.00
RP Nordseebad, Wittoun, Strand 1934RP Nordseebad, Wittoun, Strand 1934WME300091.00
RP 1932 Jungfrau BerghausRP 1932 Jungfrau BerghausWME255871.00
Brocken Hotel, Germany, 1142 Meters Elevation 1928Brocken Hotel, Germany, 1142 Meters Elevation 1928WME255891.00
Luzern Scene, EarlyLuzern Scene, EarlyWME239311.00
RP Schloss Hohenklingen 1929RP Schloss Hohenklingen 1929WME238301.00
RP Spiez SceneRP Spiez SceneWME239361.00
RP Lyon, Le Maitre-Autel, Bas. de FourviereRP Lyon, Le Maitre-Autel, Bas. de FourviereWME167811.00
Ireland, Italian Garden, Garnish Is., Bantry BayIreland, Italian Garden, Garnish Is., Bantry BayWME134851.00
RP Trouville, Place du Marechal-FochRP Trouville, Place du Marechal-FochWME239061.00
Baden-Baden, Pension Klein, 1930 to USABaden-Baden, Pension Klein, 1930 to USAWME272721.00
Netherlands, Zeeland, Mother & Child@1920Netherlands, Zeeland, Mother & Child@1920WME279191.00
RP Goeschenen und das Riental  1939RP Goeschenen und das Riental 1939WME186251.00
Madeira, Camara de Lobos 1919Madeira, Camara de Lobos 1919WME188001.00
Netherlands, Summer Day on Zuider Zee 1926Netherlands, Summer Day on Zuider Zee 1926WME245281.00
RP Spiez, Schloss 1936RP Spiez, Schloss 1936WME206811.00
RP Koblenz SceneRP Koblenz SceneWME226451.00
Austria, Wien Opera House 1939Austria, Wien Opera House 1939WME234821.00
RP Schloss Thun und Stockhorn 1938RP Schloss Thun und Stockhorn 1938WME238251.00
Austria, Bezau RP MultiviewAustria, Bezau RP MultiviewWME139771.00
RP, Sweden, Halsingborg Terrassen och KarnanRP, Sweden, Halsingborg Terrassen och KarnanWME161251.00
Chaumont, Eglise Saint-Jean-BaptisteChaumont, Eglise Saint-Jean-BaptisteWME166501.00
RP Lausanne, Tribunal FederalRP Lausanne, Tribunal FederalWME169641.00
RP Adelboden 1939RP Adelboden 1939WME171861.00
RP Sweden, Saltsjobaden SanatorietRP Sweden, Saltsjobaden SanatorietWME187291.00
Cannes, L'Hotel Gallia, EarlyCannes, L'Hotel Gallia, EarlyWME205971.00
RP Lago di Lugano, Chiese di Castagnola 1934RP Lago di Lugano, Chiese di Castagnola 1934WME252731.00
Roma, Il Pantheon d'Agrippa, EarlyRoma, Il Pantheon d'Agrippa, EarlyWME155731.00
Ireland, Dublin, Trinity College, Front SquareIreland, Dublin, Trinity College, Front SquareWME134871.00
Ireland, Dublin, The Botanic GardenIreland, Dublin, The Botanic GardenWME134861.00
RP Kullen, Porten fra Vester @ 1920RP Kullen, Porten fra Vester @ 1920WME166661.00

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