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Sweden, Lake Siljan, Tallberg 1957Sweden, Lake Siljan, Tallberg 1957WME193611.00
RP Denmark, Kobenhavn, Alteret i Vor Frue Kirke 1916RP Denmark, Kobenhavn, Alteret i Vor Frue Kirke 1916WME265441.00
Genova, S. Lorenzo, EarlyGenova, S. Lorenzo, EarlyWME169341.00
Fort de VauxFort de VauxWME289091.25
Netherlands, Delft, Oude Kerk, EarlyNetherlands, Delft, Oude Kerk, EarlyWME222041.00
Chamonix et Le Mont BlancChamonix et Le Mont BlancWME197261.00
Greece, Delphi, The StadiumGreece, Delphi, The StadiumWME142971.00
Netherlands, Haarlem, Groote Kerk, EarlyNetherlands, Haarlem, Groote Kerk, EarlyWME224291.00
RP Neth., Den Haag, Riddersal 1951RP Neth., Den Haag, Riddersal 1951WME212271.00
Gibraltar, Wellington's Monument, EarlyGibraltar, Wellington's Monument, EarlyWME226701.00
Le Mont Dore, La Grande Cascade, EarlyLe Mont Dore, La Grande Cascade, EarlyWME166941.00
Austria, Badgastein sceneAustria, Badgastein sceneWME263331.00
Chateau-Landon, Vue GeneraleChateau-Landon, Vue GeneraleWME118271.00
Carolles, L'EgliseCarolles, L'EgliseWME118291.00

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