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Cuba 337-339 MH SetCuba 337-339 MH SetWME508572.00
Cuba C3 Used SetCuba C3 Used SetWME508561.00
St. Kitts 92 MNH St. Kitts 92 MNH WME508091.00
Haiti C135A MNHHaiti C135A MNHWME492441.75
Cuba 299-303 MH SetCuba 299-303 MH SetWME491938.00
Cuba 332-6 MH SetCuba 332-6 MH SetWME485794.50
Haiti 491-495 Used SetHaiti 491-495 Used SetWME475581.00
Dominican Republic 249-253 MH SetDominican Republic 249-253 MH SetWME451882.50
Dominican Republic 326-328 MH SetDominican Republic 326-328 MH SetWME4518617.00
Dominican Republic 330-334 MH Sets[2]Dominican Republic 330-334 MH Sets[2]WME451851.50
Dominican Republic 335-341 MH Sets[2]Dominican Republic 335-341 MH Sets[2]WME451841.75
Dominican Republic 356-357 MH SetDominican Republic 356-357 MH SetWME451824.75
Dominican Republic 351-365 MH SetDominican Republic 351-365 MH SetWME451808.50
Dominican Republic 358-361 MH SetDominican Republic 358-361 MH SetWME451791.25
Dominican Republic 188-193 MH Dominican Republic 188-193 MH WME451776.00
Dominican Republic 144-150 MH SetDominican Republic 144-150 MH SetWME451761.25
Dominican Republic 135 MHDominican Republic 135 MHWME451721.25
Haiti 30 UsedHaiti 30 UsedWME443451.25
Neth. Antilles 206-207 MNH SetNeth. Antilles 206-207 MNH SetWME441923.00