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Guinea C54-55 Used SetGuinea C54-55 Used SetWME475531.00
Cameroun 165-166 MH Cameroun 165-166 MH WME444041.00
Lesotho 310-312 MNHLesotho 310-312 MNHWME451253.00
Rwanda 280 MNH SetRwanda 280 MNH SetWME473301.25
Togo C94A MNH Set Togo C94A MNH Set WME473291.50
Togo C134 MNH Set Togo C134 MNH Set WME473281.75
Burundi B30 MNH Set Perf. & ImperfBurundi B30 MNH Set Perf. & ImperfWME473273.50
Malagasy Republic[Madagascar] 303-305 MH Sets[2]Malagasy Republic[Madagascar] 303-305 MH Sets[2]WME473151.00
Malagasy Republic[Madagascar] 300-301 MH SetMalagasy Republic[Madagascar] 300-301 MH SetWME473141.00
Malagasy Republic[Madagascar] 297-299 MH SetMalagasy Republic[Madagascar] 297-299 MH SetWME473131.00
Cameroun B30-32 MH SetCameroun B30-32 MH SetWME473072.00
Cameroun 444-445 MNH SetCameroun 444-445 MNH SetWME473051.50
Chad C161-164 MNH SetChad C161-164 MNH SetWME473042.75
Central African Republic C125 MNH SetCentral African Republic C125 MNH SetWME472993.75
Libya O8 MHLibya O8 MHWME4721412.00
Libya O7 MHLibya O7 MHWME472139.50
Libya O6 MHLibya O6 MHWME472125.50
Dahomey C81-84 MNH SetDahomey C81-84 MNH SetWME470163.50
Dahomey C137 MLHDahomey C137 MLHWME470153.25
Dahomey C55-56 MH SetDahomey C55-56 MH SetWME470142.00
Dahomey C60-61 MH Sets[2]Dahomey C60-61 MH Sets[2]WME470132.00
Dahomey 144 MNH SetDahomey 144 MNH SetWME470121.75
Congo, Republic 208-213 MLH SetCongo, Republic 208-213 MLH SetWME4701175.00
Chad C71-73 MH SetChad C71-73 MH SetWME468261.50
Djibouti 624 Used SetDjibouti 624 Used SetWME468251.25
Djibouti C127 Used SetDjibouti C127 Used SetWME468241.25
Djibouti C124-126 Used SetDjibouti C124-126 Used SetWME468231.50
Djibouti C162 Used SetDjibouti C162 Used SetWME468221.00
Djibouti 203 Used SetDjibouti 203 Used SetWME468211.25
Djibouti C241 Used SetDjibouti C241 Used SetWME468205.00
Djibouti C238 Used SetDjibouti C238 Used SetWME468191.50
Algeria 304,306 MH Sets[Two]Algeria 304,306 MH Sets[Two]WME468181.00
Algeria 170 UsedAlgeria 170 UsedWME467921.00
Mauritania J41A MHMauritania J41A MHWME467611.00
Mauritania O9-11 MHMauritania O9-11 MHWME467603.25
Chad 168-174 MNH SetChad 168-174 MNH SetWME467512.00
Dahomey C278 MNHDahomey C278 MNHWME463731.75
Algeria 721-722 MH Set Algeria 721-722 MH Set WME440061.00
Egypt 240 UsedEgypt 240 UsedWME452722.00
Egypt B1 MH Set of OneEgypt B1 MH Set of OneWME452731.00
Egypt B9-12 MNH Set Egypt B9-12 MNH Set WME452744.00
Egypt 203-205 MH Set Egypt 203-205 MH Set WME452751.25
Egypt 166 Used Egypt 166 Used WME452761.00
Egypt 252-257,265 MH Sets[5]Egypt 252-257,265 MH Sets[5]WME452771.00
Tunisia 259-263 MLH Set Tunisia 259-263 MLH Set WME443491.00
Zambia 94-98 MNH SetZambia 94-98 MNH SetWME449163.75
Zambia 81-84 MNH SetZambia 81-84 MNH SetWME449171.75
Tanzania 275A MNH SetTanzania 275A MNH SetWME460881.00
Burundi C8-16 Used SetBurundi C8-16 Used SetWME344371.00
Eritrea 120 MHEritrea 120 MHWME427971.00

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