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Canada 96 MH Spacefiller, has a Gum Thin.Canada 96 MH Spacefiller, has a Gum Thin.WME430311.00
Newfoundland 115 MHNewfoundland 115 MHWME415771.00
Newfoundland 122 UsedNewfoundland 122 UsedWME415782.75
Canada 1272-1273 Mint Set, One MH, One MNHCanada 1272-1273 Mint Set, One MH, One MNHWME408151.00
Canada 849-850 MLH SetCanada 849-850 MLH SetWME415031.00
Canada 797A One MH, Rest MNHCanada 797A One MH, Rest MNHWME441351.00
Canada 781B Two MH, Rest MNHCanada 781B Two MH, Rest MNHWME441361.00
Canada 887-889 MLH SetCanada 887-889 MLH SetWME441371.00
Canada 110 UsedCanada 110 UsedWME416011.00
Canada O7 UsedCanada O7 UsedWME416081.00
Canada O8 UsedCanada O8 UsedWME416091.00
Canada O12-15A Used SetCanada O12-15A Used SetWME416101.00
Newfoundland 252,257 MH Sets[2]Newfoundland 252,257 MH Sets[2]WME445741.00
Canada 1173-1174 MNHCanada 1173-1174 MNHWME428161.00
Canada 192-194 Used Set Canada 192-194 Used Set WME418394.25
Canada 362-363 MNH Set Canada 362-363 MNH Set WME435201.00
Canada 70 UsedCanada 70 UsedWME418044.00
Canada 147 MH , some album transfer on backCanada 147 MH , some album transfer on backWME418154.00
Canada 71 UsedCanada 71 UsedWME4097716.00
Canada 42 UsedCanada 42 UsedWME441082.25
Newfoundland 230-232 MH SetNewfoundland 230-232 MH SetWME375732.50
Canada CE2 Used Set of OneCanada CE2 Used Set of OneWME415951.00
Canada CE1 Used Set of OneCanada CE1 Used Set of OneWME415961.00
Canada 161 UsedCanada 161 UsedWME416031.00
Canada 204 Used Set of OneCanada 204 Used Set of OneWME416041.00
Canada B1-3 MH Set Canada B1-3 MH Set WME415981.00
Canada 116 UsedCanada 116 UsedWME415991.00
Newfoundland 230-232 MH SetNewfoundland 230-232 MH SetWME425682.50
Canada 890-893 MLH Set Canada 890-893 MLH Set WME396151.00
Canada 466-468 MLHCanada 466-468 MLHWME371731.50
Canada 193 MNHCanada 193 MNHWME337902.75
Canada J4 UsedCanada J4 UsedWME354481.00
Canada 15 UsedCanada 15 UsedWME354499.00
Newfoundland 87 MNH, one short perf.Newfoundland 87 MNH, one short perf.WME375681.00
Newfoundland 236 MH Newfoundland 236 MH WME375481.00
Canada 146-148 MH SetCanada 146-148 MH SetWME3632812.50
New Brunswick 11 MH, Some Black Color Transfer on GumNew Brunswick 11 MH, Some Black Color Transfer on GumWME317714.75
Canada 84 UsedCanada 84 UsedWME3302911.50
Canada 460D MNH BookletCanada 460D MNH BookletWME360951.00
Canada 1171B MNH BookletCanada 1171B MNH BookletWME360963.25
Canada 1178B MNH BookletCanada 1178B MNH BookletWME360973.75
Canada 83 UsedCanada 83 UsedWME351823.75
Canada 46 UsedCanada 46 UsedWME3303410.00
Canada C4 MH Set of OneCanada C4 MH Set of OneWME3469110.00
Canada 94 UsedCanada 94 UsedWME339249.00

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