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Japan 899-901 MNH SetJapan 899-901 MNH SetWME543871.00
Japan 692 MNH SetJapan 692 MNH SetWME543861.00
Japan C36 UsedJapan C36 UsedWME535271.00
Cover; Japan, PU-1911Cover; Japan, PU-1911SCVIEW52405124.70
Japan 676-677 MH SetJapan 676-677 MH SetWME531341.00
099  Japan Postmark Cancel 1921099 Japan Postmark Cancel 1921ABOVEALL2589924.76
Early Japan ForgeryEarly Japan ForgeryWME486671.50
Japan B14A-31A MNH SheetsJapan B14A-31A MNH SheetsWME4751312.50
099 Japan Postmark Cancel 1921099 Japan Postmark Cancel 1921ABOVEALL98624.76
Japan Three Different Used Telegraph RevenuesJapan Three Different Used Telegraph RevenuesWME449001.25
Japan 667-670 MLH SetJapan 667-670 MLH SetWME445052.00
Japan 470 MNHJapan 470 MNHWME445043.00
Japan 471MHJapan 471MHWME445032.75