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France-Reunion B13 MNH SetFrance-Reunion B13 MNH SetWME550731.00
Somali Coast B13 MNH SetSomali Coast B13 MNH SetWME550511.00
French Guiana B12 MNH SetFrench Guiana B12 MNH SetWME550501.00
France, Charlieu (Loire); pm 1916 on three different stamps; VG-EXFrance, Charlieu (Loire); pm 1916 on three different stamps; VG-EXCHILDSPT88202.75
France, Stamp Scott S-106 unused; Face: Avignon, Crucifix (Christ on Cross); VGFrance, Stamp Scott S-106 unused; Face: Avignon, Crucifix (Christ on Cross); VGCHILDSPT88182.50
France-Reunion 208 MNHFrance-Reunion 208 MNHWME549681.00
France 2022-2023 MNH Sets[2]France 2022-2023 MNH Sets[2]WME547671.00
France 2028-2029 MNH Sets[2]France 2028-2029 MNH Sets[2]WME547611.00
France 2035 MNH SetFrance 2035 MNH SetWME547601.00
France 2046,2048 MNH Sets[2]France 2046,2048 MNH Sets[2]WME547591.00
France 2054-2055 MNH Sets[2]France 2054-2055 MNH Sets[2]WME547581.00
France 2058 MNH SetFrance 2058 MNH SetWME547531.00
France-Reunion 223 MNHFrance-Reunion 223 MNHWME547031.00
French Guiana 129 MNHFrench Guiana 129 MNHWME547021.00
France 1431-1432 MNH SetFrance 1431-1432 MNH SetWME544901.00
Gabon 33 MHGabon 33 MHWME542341.00
Algeria B90 MNH SetAlgeria B90 MNH SetWME540221.00
France 1534-1535,1538 MNH Sets[2]France 1534-1535,1538 MNH Sets[2]WME539071.00
France 1399-1401 MNH Sets[2]France 1399-1401 MNH Sets[2]WME539061.00
France 799 Used SetFrance 799 Used SetWME539051.00
France 325-326 Used SetFrance 325-326 Used SetWME538512.00
French Sudan 118-119 MH SetFrench Sudan 118-119 MH SetWME536641.00
France 1869 MNHFrance 1869 MNHWME536521.00
France 2024 MNHFrance 2024 MNHWME536511.00
Mauritania 107 MNHMauritania 107 MNHWME536401.00
French Polynesia 90 MNHFrench Polynesia 90 MNHWME536391.00
French Polynesia 146 MNHFrench Polynesia 146 MNHWME536311.00
France B421-424 MNH SetFrance B421-424 MNH SetWME536251.00
French Guiana J13-16 MHFrench Guiana J13-16 MHWME536121.00
France-Offices in Port Said B1 MH SetFrance-Offices in Port Said B1 MH SetWME536061.00
France-Reunion 210 MNHFrance-Reunion 210 MNHWME535771.00
France-Reunion 187 MNHFrance-Reunion 187 MNHWME535681.00
Somali Coast 223 MHSomali Coast 223 MHWME535321.00
Middle Congo B2 MH SetMiddle Congo B2 MH SetWME535151.00
Madagascar 66 UsedMadagascar 66 UsedWME535141.00
Madagascar B1 MH SetMadagascar B1 MH SetWME535131.00
Cilicia 100 MHCilicia 100 MHWME534051.00
Mauritania 23 MHMauritania 23 MHWME533911.00
France B321 UsedFrance B321 UsedWME533901.00
France B325 UsedFrance B325 UsedWME533891.00
France B322 UsedFrance B322 UsedWME533881.00
France 391 MNHFrance 391 MNHWME533871.00
Wallis & Futuna Islands 19 MHWallis & Futuna Islands 19 MHWME533861.00
Wallis & Futuna Islands 12 MNHWallis & Futuna Islands 12 MNHWME533851.00
Lebanon-French mandate 70 UsedLebanon-French mandate 70 UsedWME533841.00
France-Offices in Turkey-Levant 35 Used France-Offices in Turkey-Levant 35 Used WME532651.00
Chad 33-34 MHChad 33-34 MHWME532641.00
Chad 36 MHChad 36 MHWME532631.00
French Equatorial Africa 139 Used[on piece]French Equatorial Africa 139 Used[on piece]WME532621.00
Wallis & Futuna Islands 19 MHWallis & Futuna Islands 19 MHWME531771.00

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