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Switzerland B382-385 MNH SetSwitzerland B382-385 MNH SetWME551071.00
Switzerland 95 UsedSwitzerland 95 UsedWME509691.00
21529  Helvetia, Vevey,  Trouville Calvados, 190221529 Helvetia, Vevey, Trouville Calvados, 1902ABOVEALL234199.76
Switzerland 685-6 MNH SetSwitzerland 685-6 MNH SetWME504121.50
Switzerland 675-6 MNH SetSwitzerland 675-6 MNH SetWME504111.50
Switzerland 661A MNH SetSwitzerland 661A MNH SetWME496641.50
Switzerland Scott # B21-24 Used Very FineSwitzerland Scott # B21-24 Used Very FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE37596840.00
Switzerland Scott # B18-20 Used Very FineSwitzerland Scott # B18-20 Used Very FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE37596738.00
Switzerland Scott # B15-17 Used Very FineSwitzerland Scott # B15-17 Used Very FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE37596621.00
Switzerland Scott # B10-11 Used Very FineSwitzerland Scott # B10-11 Used Very FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE37596425.00
Switzerland Scott # B12-14 Used Very FineSwitzerland Scott # B12-14 Used Very FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE37596521.00
Switzerland Scott # B2-3 Used Very FineSwitzerland Scott # B2-3 Used Very FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE37596170.00
Switzerland B15-17 Used SetSwitzerland B15-17 Used SetWME4875615.00
Switzerland B492-496 MNH  SetSwitzerland B492-496 MNH SetWME483402.75
Switzerland B33-36 Used SetSwitzerland B33-36 Used SetWME475906.00
Switzerland B513-517 MNH SetSwitzerland B513-517 MNH SetWME475892.00
Switzerland 141 UsedSwitzerland 141 UsedWME461825.50