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Garnett Orange Grove, St Augustine FLGarnett Orange Grove, St Augustine FLNYPOSTCARDS1077885.00
RPPC, Garkett Grove, St Augustine FLRPPC, Garkett Grove, St Augustine FLNYPOSTCARDS1077877.00
Gulf Beach, Panama City FLGulf Beach, Panama City FLNYPOSTCARDS1077865.50
Anton Brees Playing, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLAnton Brees Playing, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLNYPOSTCARDS1077853.50
Girls Dorm, J B Stetson University, DeLand FLGirls Dorm, J B Stetson University, DeLand FLNYPOSTCARDS1077844.00
Port Everglades FLPort Everglades FLNYPOSTCARDS1077824.00
RPPC, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLRPPC, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLNYPOSTCARDS1077815.00
Park, Oldsmar FLPark, Oldsmar FLNYPOSTCARDS1077803.50
Valencia Hotel, St Augustine FLValencia Hotel, St Augustine FLNYPOSTCARDS1077794.00
Bridge, St John's River, Palatka FLBridge, St John's River, Palatka FLNYPOSTCARDS1077785.00
St Johns River, Sanford FLSt Johns River, Sanford FLNYPOSTCARDS1077774.00
Rosa Villa, Ormond FLRosa Villa, Ormond FLNYPOSTCARDS1077765.00
Bahia Mar, Fort Lauderdale FLBahia Mar, Fort Lauderdale FLNYPOSTCARDS1077754.00
City Guest Home, Orlando FLCity Guest Home, Orlando FLNYPOSTCARDS1077745.00
Oldest School House, St Augustine FLOldest School House, St Augustine FLNYPOSTCARDS1077733.00
Airboating, Everglades FLAirboating, Everglades FLNYPOSTCARDS1077723.00
Sands Motel & Restaurant, Lake Wales FLSands Motel & Restaurant, Lake Wales FLNYPOSTCARDS1077714.00
Seminole Indian Arts & Crafts, Everglades FLSeminole Indian Arts & Crafts, Everglades FLNYPOSTCARDS1077703.50
Young Alligator Joe, Jacksonville FLYoung Alligator Joe, Jacksonville FLNYPOSTCARDS1077695.00
Airboating, Tamiami Trail, Everglades FLAirboating, Tamiami Trail, Everglades FLNYPOSTCARDS1077683.00
Alligator QuarteteFLAlligator QuarteteFLNYPOSTCARDS1077664.00
Good Mornings Fish Catch FLGood Mornings Fish Catch FLNYPOSTCARDS1077657.00
Gulfstream, Hallandale FLGulfstream, Hallandale FLNYPOSTCARDS1077643.00
Manatee River, Bradenton FLManatee River, Bradenton FLNYPOSTCARDS1077633.50
Having a Snapping Good Time, Alligator FLHaving a Snapping Good Time, Alligator FLNYPOSTCARDS1077623.00
Ross AllenMilking a Rattlesnake, Silver Springs FLRoss AllenMilking a Rattlesnake, Silver Springs FLNYPOSTCARDS1077607.00
RPPC, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLRPPC, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLNYPOSTCARDS1077575.00
Minnesota Ave, DeLand FLMinnesota Ave, DeLand FLNYPOSTCARDS1077564.00
Turtle Catch, Key West FLTurtle Catch, Key West FLNYPOSTCARDS1077544.00
RPPC, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLRPPC, Singing Tower, Lake Wales FLNYPOSTCARDS1077536.00
Fort Marion, St Augustine FLFort Marion, St Augustine FLNYPOSTCARDS1077513.50
Casino, Oldsmar FLCasino, Oldsmar FLNYPOSTCARDS1077504.00
Sulphur Springs, Tampa FLSulphur Springs, Tampa FLNYPOSTCARDS1077494.00
Hialeah Race Course, Hialeah FLHialeah Race Course, Hialeah FLNYPOSTCARDS1077483.00
Morocco Temple, Jacksonville FLMorocco Temple, Jacksonville FLNYPOSTCARDS1077474.50
Dunedin High School Band, Tarpon Springs FLDunedin High School Band, Tarpon Springs FLNYPOSTCARDS1077463.00
Ambassador Apts, Fort Lauderdale FLAmbassador Apts, Fort Lauderdale FLNYPOSTCARDS1077453.50
Record Fish Catch in FLRecord Fish Catch in FLNYPOSTCARDS1077443.00
US Navy Bombers, Jacksonville FLUS Navy Bombers, Jacksonville FLNYPOSTCARDS1077434.50
Lake Eve, Haines City FLLake Eve, Haines City FLNYPOSTCARDS1077424.00
Flagler Trail, Palm Beach FLFlagler Trail, Palm Beach FLNYPOSTCARDS1077413.50
Landing a Big Mouth Bass FLLanding a Big Mouth Bass FLNYPOSTCARDS1077404.50
Aerial View, Daytona Beach FLAerial View, Daytona Beach FLNYPOSTCARDS1077394.00
Hotel Dwellere, Orlando FLHotel Dwellere, Orlando FLNYPOSTCARDS1077384.00
New York Ave, DeLand FLNew York Ave, DeLand FLNYPOSTCARDS1077374.50
Hotel Lucerne, Orlando FLHotel Lucerne, Orlando FLNYPOSTCARDS1077364.50
Multi-View, St Augustine FLMulti-View, St Augustine FLNYPOSTCARDS1077352.50
Beach, Fort Lauderdale FLBeach, Fort Lauderdale FLNYPOSTCARDS1077334.00
Record Fish Catch in FLRecord Fish Catch in FLNYPOSTCARDS1077323.50
End of Memorial Highway, Tampa FLEnd of Memorial Highway, Tampa FLNYPOSTCARDS1077313.50

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