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13777  Cancelled Postmark Udine Italy 187913777 Cancelled Postmark Udine Italy 1879ABOVEALL346493.76
11357 N.Y and CHI.R.P ?? cancel 191111357 N.Y and CHI.R.P ?? cancel 1911ABOVEALL333122.36
026 Indonesia St.Nazaire 1915  Postmark026 Indonesia St.Nazaire 1915 PostmarkABOVEALL3308824.76
MA - Boston. North Square, Paul Revere's HouseMA - Boston. North Square, Paul Revere's HouseAHA292456.98
Switzerland B382-385 MNH SetSwitzerland B382-385 MNH SetWME551071.00
Canada1139-1140 MNH SetCanada1139-1140 MNH SetWME550861.00
France-Reunion B13 MNH SetFrance-Reunion B13 MNH SetWME550731.00
Portugal 928-930 Used SetPortugal 928-930 Used SetWME550671.00
Portugal 1008-1010 Used SetPortugal 1008-1010 Used SetWME550661.00
Somali Coast B13 MNH SetSomali Coast B13 MNH SetWME550511.00
French Guiana B12 MNH SetFrench Guiana B12 MNH SetWME550501.00
France, Charlieu (Loire); pm 1916 on three different stamps; VG-EXFrance, Charlieu (Loire); pm 1916 on three different stamps; VG-EXCHILDSPT88202.75
France, Stamp Scott S-106 unused; Face: Avignon, Crucifix (Christ on Cross); VGFrance, Stamp Scott S-106 unused; Face: Avignon, Crucifix (Christ on Cross); VGCHILDSPT88182.50
Iceland B19-20 MNH SetIceland B19-20 MNH SetWME549961.00
Canada 494 MH SetCanada 494 MH SetWME549711.00
Canada 950 MLH PairCanada 950 MLH PairWME549701.00
Ascension 37-39 MH SetAscension 37-39 MH SetWME549691.00
France-Reunion 208 MNHFrance-Reunion 208 MNHWME549681.00
Liechtenstein 737-739 MNH SetLiechtenstein 737-739 MNH SetWME549661.00
Liechtenstein 576-579 MNH SetLiechtenstein 576-579 MNH SetWME549651.25
Liechtenstein 621-623 MNH SetLiechtenstein 621-623 MNH SetWME549641.00
Russia 4216-4220 MNH SetRussia 4216-4220 MNH SetWME549381.00
Russia 4269-4273 MNH SetRussia 4269-4273 MNH SetWME549371.00
Newfoundland 61 MHNewfoundland 61 MHWME549361.00
Pakistan 348-351 MNH SetPakistan 348-351 MNH SetWME549301.00
Germany 1159-1160 MNH SetGermany 1159-1160 MNH SetWME549011.00
Malaya-Johore 111 UsedMalaya-Johore 111 UsedWME549001.00
Germany B459-462 MNH SetGermany B459-462 MNH SetWME548951.00
Germany B446-449 MNH SetGermany B446-449 MNH SetWME548761.00
Germany B434-437 MNH SetGermany B434-437 MNH SetWME548751.00
Germany 1000-1003 MNH SetGermany 1000-1003 MNH SetWME548741.00
Germany-Berlin 9NB70-73 MNH SetGermany-Berlin 9NB70-73 MNH SetWME548731.00
Mntserrat 244-247 MNH SetMntserrat 244-247 MNH SetWME548581.00
Malta 344-7,353-4 MNH Sets[2]Malta 344-7,353-4 MNH Sets[2]WME548571.00
Cyprus 75 UsedCyprus 75 UsedWME548501.00
Cyprus 94 UsedCyprus 94 UsedWME548491.00
Ireland J11 Used Ireland J11 Used WME548281.00
669  Bees on a tree  Embossed669 Bees on a tree EmbossedABOVEALL302293.76
France 2022-2023 MNH Sets[2]France 2022-2023 MNH Sets[2]WME547671.00
France 2028-2029 MNH Sets[2]France 2028-2029 MNH Sets[2]WME547611.00
France 2035 MNH SetFrance 2035 MNH SetWME547601.00
France 2046,2048 MNH Sets[2]France 2046,2048 MNH Sets[2]WME547591.00
France 2054-2055 MNH Sets[2]France 2054-2055 MNH Sets[2]WME547581.00
France 2058 MNH SetFrance 2058 MNH SetWME547531.00
France-Reunion 223 MNHFrance-Reunion 223 MNHWME547031.00
French Guiana 129 MNHFrench Guiana 129 MNHWME547021.00
Canada 1545 MNH SetCanada 1545 MNH SetWME546801.00
Canada 1525-1526 MNH SetCanada 1525-1526 MNH SetWME546791.00
Canada 1270-1271 MH Sets[2]Canada 1270-1271 MH Sets[2]WME546781.00
Antigua 216-8, 224-7 MNH Sets[2]Antigua 216-8, 224-7 MNH Sets[2]WME546631.00

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