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11357 N.Y and CHI.R.P ?? cancel 191111357 N.Y and CHI.R.P ?? cancel 1911ABOVEALL333122.36
026 Indonesia St.Nazaire 1915  Postmark026 Indonesia St.Nazaire 1915 PostmarkABOVEALL3308824.76
MA - Boston. North Square, Paul Revere's HouseMA - Boston. North Square, Paul Revere's HouseAHA292456.98
Switzerland B382-385 MNH SetSwitzerland B382-385 MNH SetWME551071.00
Canada1139-1140 MNH SetCanada1139-1140 MNH SetWME550861.00
France-Reunion B13 MNH SetFrance-Reunion B13 MNH SetWME550731.00
Portugal 928-930 Used SetPortugal 928-930 Used SetWME550671.00
Portugal 1008-1010 Used SetPortugal 1008-1010 Used SetWME550661.00
Somali Coast B13 MNH SetSomali Coast B13 MNH SetWME550511.00
French Guiana B12 MNH SetFrench Guiana B12 MNH SetWME550501.00
France, Charlieu (Loire); pm 1916 on three different stamps; VG-EXFrance, Charlieu (Loire); pm 1916 on three different stamps; VG-EXCHILDSPT88202.75
France, Stamp Scott S-106 unused; Face: Avignon, Crucifix (Christ on Cross); VGFrance, Stamp Scott S-106 unused; Face: Avignon, Crucifix (Christ on Cross); VGCHILDSPT88182.50
Iceland B19-20 MNH SetIceland B19-20 MNH SetWME549961.00
Canada 494 MH SetCanada 494 MH SetWME549711.00
Canada 950 MLH PairCanada 950 MLH PairWME549701.00
Ascension 37-39 MH SetAscension 37-39 MH SetWME549691.00
France-Reunion 208 MNHFrance-Reunion 208 MNHWME549681.00
Liechtenstein 737-739 MNH SetLiechtenstein 737-739 MNH SetWME549661.00
Liechtenstein 576-579 MNH SetLiechtenstein 576-579 MNH SetWME549651.25
Liechtenstein 621-623 MNH SetLiechtenstein 621-623 MNH SetWME549641.00
Russia 4216-4220 MNH SetRussia 4216-4220 MNH SetWME549381.00
Russia 4269-4273 MNH SetRussia 4269-4273 MNH SetWME549371.00
Newfoundland 61 MHNewfoundland 61 MHWME549361.00
Pakistan 348-351 MNH SetPakistan 348-351 MNH SetWME549301.00
Germany 1159-1160 MNH SetGermany 1159-1160 MNH SetWME549011.00
Malaya-Johore 111 UsedMalaya-Johore 111 UsedWME549001.00
Germany B459-462 MNH SetGermany B459-462 MNH SetWME548951.00
Germany B446-449 MNH SetGermany B446-449 MNH SetWME548761.00
Germany B434-437 MNH SetGermany B434-437 MNH SetWME548751.00
Germany 1000-1003 MNH SetGermany 1000-1003 MNH SetWME548741.00
Germany-Berlin 9NB70-73 MNH SetGermany-Berlin 9NB70-73 MNH SetWME548731.00
Mntserrat 244-247 MNH SetMntserrat 244-247 MNH SetWME548581.00
Malta 344-7,353-4 MNH Sets[2]Malta 344-7,353-4 MNH Sets[2]WME548571.00
Cyprus 75 UsedCyprus 75 UsedWME548501.00
Cyprus 94 UsedCyprus 94 UsedWME548491.00
Ireland J11 Used Ireland J11 Used WME548281.00
669  Bees on a tree  Embossed669 Bees on a tree EmbossedABOVEALL302293.76
France 2022-2023 MNH Sets[2]France 2022-2023 MNH Sets[2]WME547671.00
France 2028-2029 MNH Sets[2]France 2028-2029 MNH Sets[2]WME547611.00
France 2035 MNH SetFrance 2035 MNH SetWME547601.00
France 2046,2048 MNH Sets[2]France 2046,2048 MNH Sets[2]WME547591.00
France 2054-2055 MNH Sets[2]France 2054-2055 MNH Sets[2]WME547581.00
France 2058 MNH SetFrance 2058 MNH SetWME547531.00
France-Reunion 223 MNHFrance-Reunion 223 MNHWME547031.00
French Guiana 129 MNHFrench Guiana 129 MNHWME547021.00
Canada 1545 MNH SetCanada 1545 MNH SetWME546801.00
Canada 1525-1526 MNH SetCanada 1525-1526 MNH SetWME546791.00
Canada 1270-1271 MH Sets[2]Canada 1270-1271 MH Sets[2]WME546781.00
Antigua 216-8, 224-7 MNH Sets[2]Antigua 216-8, 224-7 MNH Sets[2]WME546631.00
Canada 1516 MNHCanada 1516 MNHWME546621.00

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