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51137 Badenweiler Schwarzwald Themal Kurort 197651137 Badenweiler Schwarzwald Themal Kurort 1976KDL555292.82
53406 Palma de Mallorca Riba Promenade 1958pm53406 Palma de Mallorca Riba Promenade 1958pmKDL574412.82
American Building Livarno REAL PHOTO 1959pmAmerican Building Livarno REAL PHOTO 1959pmKDL139892.82
Confurious Temple Taipei 1969pm@ TaipeiConfurious Temple Taipei 1969pm@ TaipeiKDL462782.82
Norman Staircase King's School Caterbury 1976pmNorman Staircase King's School Caterbury 1976pmKDL20142.82
Hirschegg Winter 1973pm?Hirschegg Winter 1973pm?KDL140442.82
Real Photo Capri 1974pmReal Photo Capri 1974pmKDL133992.82
Quaint Village Hirschegg 1978pm?Quaint Village Hirschegg 1978pm?KDL140242.82
Cable Car Lake Lucerne Rigi Burgenstock 1965pmCable Car Lake Lucerne Rigi Burgenstock 1965pmKDL9782.82
Mutli View Luzern 1977pmMutli View Luzern 1977pmKDL134612.82
Phaestos View of Central Courtyard to Xenon 1975pmPhaestos View of Central Courtyard to Xenon 1975pmKDL134592.82
Ulm / Donau 1962pm?Ulm / Donau 1962pm?KDL134562.82
Tour Boat Amsterdam 1962pm in AmsterdamTour Boat Amsterdam 1962pm in AmsterdamKDL413312.82
Rostblattrige - Alpenrose 1970pmRostblattrige - Alpenrose 1970pmKDL140422.82
Zurich Qualbrucke und Uetliberg BRIDGE 1970pmZurich Qualbrucke und Uetliberg BRIDGE 1970pmKDL140382.82
The Crown Virgin Lourdes   1971pmThe Crown Virgin Lourdes 1971pmKDL20062.82
St Peter Zurich 1970pmSt Peter Zurich 1970pmKDL140122.82
Saint Paul de Vence General View 1960pmSaint Paul de Vence General View 1960pmKDL134532.82
Rhonegletscher Furkpass u Galenstock 1970pmRhonegletscher Furkpass u Galenstock 1970pmKDL140162.82