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Cheminix - Traversee de la SMer de GlaceCheminix - Traversee de la SMer de GlaceNYPOSTCARDS1343214.00
Lyon - Place du I'ont et Cours de la liberteLyon - Place du I'ont et Cours de la liberteNYPOSTCARDS1343195.00
Vignerons vaudolsVignerons vaudolsNYPOSTCARDS1343185.00
Evian-Les-Bains, Splendide Hotel et le FuniculaireEvian-Les-Bains, Splendide Hotel et le FuniculaireNYPOSTCARDS1343165.00
Napoli, Galleria Umberto INapoli, Galleria Umberto INYPOSTCARDS1343144.50
Liege - Church of St JamesLiege - Church of St JamesNYPOSTCARDS1343133.50
Lapland - Raindeer OutfitLapland - Raindeer OutfitNYPOSTCARDS1343124.50
Au Chat Noif, St NazaimAu Chat Noif, St NazaimNYPOSTCARDS1343115.00
RPPC, Palermo, Carretto Siciliano E Costumi Del PopoloRPPC, Palermo, Carretto Siciliano E Costumi Del PopoloNYPOSTCARDS1343056.00
Badische Trachten - Schappacher VolkstrachtBadische Trachten - Schappacher VolkstrachtNYPOSTCARDS1343035.00
Badische Trachten - Bauer aus RippoldsauBadische Trachten - Bauer aus RippoldsauNYPOSTCARDS1342965.00
Mannheil - HafenMannheil - HafenNYPOSTCARDS1342917.00
Bordeaux - Les Quais - The QuaysBordeaux - Les Quais - The QuaysNYPOSTCARDS1342907.00
RPPC, Bridge opentolraffic Road to Slenay 11/16/18RPPC, Bridge opentolraffic Road to Slenay 11/16/18NYPOSTCARDS1342874.50
Calais - La Malle anglaiseCalais - La Malle anglaiseNYPOSTCARDS1342856.00
Gruss aus Potsdam, Neues PalaisGruss aus Potsdam, Neues PalaisNYPOSTCARDS1342824.50
Ostende Le BainOstende Le BainNYPOSTCARDS1342794.50
RPPC, Milano - Teatro alla ScalaRPPC, Milano - Teatro alla ScalaNYPOSTCARDS1342785.00
RPPC, Milano - Interno Teatro Della ScalaRPPC, Milano - Interno Teatro Della ScalaNYPOSTCARDS1342766.00
RPPC, a BerchsgadnerRPPC, a BerchsgadnerNYPOSTCARDS1342747.00
Gruss aus HabitzheiGruss aus HabitzheiNYPOSTCARDS1342726.00
Dinard Le MoleDinard Le MoleNYPOSTCARDS1342695.00
A Costumi popolariA Costumi popolariNYPOSTCARDS1342684.00
Bad Langenschwalbach, WeinbrunnenBad Langenschwalbach, WeinbrunnenNYPOSTCARDS1342667.00
Nos Aeroplanes - Airplane PaulhanNos Aeroplanes - Airplane PaulhanNYPOSTCARDS1342637.50
Manglatori di MaccheroniManglatori di MaccheroniNYPOSTCARDS1342595.00
Louxor LandingLouxor LandingNYPOSTCARDS1342586.00
Charleroi, Les Fosses Sacre-Madame et Sainte-BarbeCharleroi, Les Fosses Sacre-Madame et Sainte-BarbeNYPOSTCARDS1342575.00
Les Parents Du Saint-PereLes Parents Du Saint-PereNYPOSTCARDS1342567.50
Gruss aus Wien V1Gruss aus Wien V1NYPOSTCARDS1342556.00
Daisies from IrelandDaisies from IrelandNYPOSTCARDS1342486.00
Une Penesee DL BruxellesUne Penesee DL BruxellesNYPOSTCARDS1342477.50
Sounenir de Toulouse - OPENS w 4 picsSounenir de Toulouse - OPENS w 4 picsNYPOSTCARDS1342465.00
Gruss aus Ringoldingen VonGruss aus Ringoldingen VonNYPOSTCARDS1342458.00
RPPC, Hotel Belle Venise MilanRPPC, Hotel Belle Venise MilanNYPOSTCARDS1342436.00
Ms SwitzerlandMs SwitzerlandNYPOSTCARDS1342355.00
Une Pensee, de St-Jean-Cap-FerralUne Pensee, de St-Jean-Cap-FerralNYPOSTCARDS1342345.00
Decoration Day 1920, Amex Cemetery, Coblenz GerDecoration Day 1920, Amex Cemetery, Coblenz GerNYPOSTCARDS1342316.00
Belgiums Scattered Army ReassembledBelgiums Scattered Army ReassembledNYPOSTCARDS1342285.00
1160 Le Monoplan Antoinette1160 Le Monoplan AntoinetteNYPOSTCARDS1342276.00
Costumi NapoletaniCostumi NapoletaniNYPOSTCARDS1342265.00
Un Bonjour CastillonUn Bonjour CastillonNYPOSTCARDS1342227.00
1122 Le Monoplan Bleriot XI1122 Le Monoplan Bleriot XINYPOSTCARDS1342216.00
RPPC, Amalfi - Preso Dal MareRPPC, Amalfi - Preso Dal MareNYPOSTCARDS1342195.00
RPPC, Javantella HoteleCocunsellogRPPC, Javantella HoteleCocunsellogNYPOSTCARDS1342185.00

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