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Erotic ladies under trees, artist signed,*PU1909Erotic ladies under trees, artist signed,*PU1909IVANHOE602685.50
Mastroianni:Men and ladies, water,umbrella,pre1920Mastroianni:Men and ladies, water,umbrella,pre1920IVANHOE572354.75
H.Kulnüch?, lady, candle, GOOD NIGHT, pre 1920H.Kulnüch?, lady, candle, GOOD NIGHT, pre 1920IVANHOE571495.50
A.J.Dewey, Man and lady, romantic, *PU 1914A.J.Dewey, Man and lady, romantic, *PU 1914IVANHOE571766.50
C.Underwood, Wanted-an answer, man, lady, pre 1916C.Underwood, Wanted-an answer, man, lady, pre 1916IVANHOE582307.00

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