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Poland:Postal stationery,95 years Felix DzerzinskiPoland:Postal stationery,95 years Felix DzerzinskiIVANHOE738021.00
Poland:Postal stationery, Monument in WarssawiPoland:Postal stationery, Monument in WarssawiIVANHOE738031.00
Poland:Postal stationery, Mausoleum monumentPoland:Postal stationery, Mausoleum monumentIVANHOE738011.00
India:Postal stationery, Youth employment summitIndia:Postal stationery, Youth employment summitIVANHOE737991.00
Poland:Postal stationery, Witold monumentPoland:Postal stationery, Witold monumentIVANHOE738001.00
China:Postal stationery, Chinese art, BChina:Postal stationery, Chinese art, BIVANHOE719381.00
Czechslovakia:Postal stationery, town view, 50hCzechslovakia:Postal stationery, town view, 50hIVANHOE725241.00
Romania:Postal stationery,phonesRomania:Postal stationery,phonesIVANHOE504991.00

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