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We'll Dig A Trench That'll end in BerlinWe'll Dig A Trench That'll end in BerlinNYPOSTCARDS1022102.50
4 - Soldier Humor4 - Soldier HumorNYPOSTCARDS1022095.00
3 - Soldier Humor3 - Soldier HumorNYPOSTCARDS1022063.00
3 - Soldier Humor3 - Soldier HumorNYPOSTCARDS1022054.00
Rifle DrillRifle DrillNYPOSTCARDS1022002.50
I'm Trainging for ThisI'm Trainging for ThisNYPOSTCARDS1021932.50
3 - Soldier Humor3 - Soldier HumorNYPOSTCARDS1017324.00
3 - Soldier Humor3 - Soldier HumorNYPOSTCARDS1017254.00
Zurich, Uroquai mit Dampfer,, Stadt ZurichZurich, Uroquai mit Dampfer,, Stadt ZurichNYPOSTCARDS1016864.00
Gruss aus LuzernGruss aus LuzernNYPOSTCARDS1016655.00
Zurich - SchipfeZurich - SchipfeNYPOSTCARDS1016424.50
Geneve et pont des BerguesGeneve et pont des BerguesNYPOSTCARDS1016334.50
Zurich, Weinplatz und St. PeterZurich, Weinplatz und St. PeterNYPOSTCARDS1016266.00
Geneve - La RadeGeneve - La RadeNYPOSTCARDS1016214.50
Fischental Ct. ZurichFischental Ct. ZurichNYPOSTCARDS1015726.00
Photo ? PM ZurichPhoto ? PM ZurichNYPOSTCARDS1015664.00
Zug, Hotel Pension GuggithalZug, Hotel Pension GuggithalNYPOSTCARDS1015345.00
2 - Ostende Cards2 - Ostende CardsNYPOSTCARDS1014805.00
2 - Cavalleria & In piazza d'armi2 - Cavalleria & In piazza d'armiNYPOSTCARDS1013965.00
2 - Exposition Universel Liege2 - Exposition Universel LiegeNYPOSTCARDS1013936.00
St. Gallen, RosenbergSt. Gallen, RosenbergNYPOSTCARDS1013764.00
2 - Tuck's 8012, Dublin2 - Tuck's 8012, DublinNYPOSTCARDS1012744.00
3 - Tuck's, Dublin 80123 - Tuck's, Dublin 8012NYPOSTCARDS1012664.00
Harbour, NewquayHarbour, NewquayNYPOSTCARDS1012574.00
Parish Church 7 Convent, AthenryParish Church 7 Convent, AthenryNYPOSTCARDS1012543.50
Ckew Bay & Croagh Patrick, Co. MayoCkew Bay & Croagh Patrick, Co. MayoNYPOSTCARDS1012444.00
Murrisk Abbey, Westport, Co. MayoMurrisk Abbey, Westport, Co. MayoNYPOSTCARDS1012404.00
St Ignatius Church & College, GalwaySt Ignatius Church & College, GalwayNYPOSTCARDS1012383.00
Lynch Memorialstone, GalwayLynch Memorialstone, GalwayNYPOSTCARDS1012373.50
Pilgrams on the Summit of Croagh-Patrick Co. MayoPilgrams on the Summit of Croagh-Patrick Co. MayoNYPOSTCARDS1012365.00
George St. LimerickGeorge St. LimerickNYPOSTCARDS1012346.00
Sunny Ireland, Tuck's 7423Sunny Ireland, Tuck's 7423NYPOSTCARDS1012303.00
Ferry Carrig, WexfordFerry Carrig, WexfordNYPOSTCARDS1012273.50
2 - Tuck's 8012, Dublin2 - Tuck's 8012, DublinNYPOSTCARDS1012254.00
2 - Tuck's Irelend 7423 & 92322 - Tuck's Irelend 7423 & 9232NYPOSTCARDS1012204.00
3 - Galway Cards3 - Galway CardsNYPOSTCARDS1012197.50
4 - Tuam4 - TuamNYPOSTCARDS1012157.50
Quay, Westport, Co. MayoQuay, Westport, Co. MayoNYPOSTCARDS1011954.00
Pilgrimage to Croagh PatrickPilgrimage to Croagh PatrickNYPOSTCARDS1011905.00
Spanish Arch, GalwaySpanish Arch, GalwayNYPOSTCARDS1011884.00
2 - Bank of Ireland & Gresham Hotel, Dublin2 - Bank of Ireland & Gresham Hotel, DublinNYPOSTCARDS1011765.00
Carro SicilianoCarro SicilianoNYPOSTCARDS1011704.00
Pilgrams on Croagh-Patrick Co. Mayo, with ChapelPilgrams on Croagh-Patrick Co. Mayo, with ChapelNYPOSTCARDS1011605.00
6 - Dunfermline Abbey6 - Dunfermline AbbeyNYPOSTCARDS10115810.00
Map - Atlantic & PacificMap - Atlantic & PacificNYPOSTCARDS1011464.00
Tuck's, Dublin 6181Tuck's, Dublin 6181NYPOSTCARDS1011423.00
St John's R.C.Church, TraleeSt John's R.C.Church, TraleeNYPOSTCARDS1011264.00
3 - Limerick3 - LimerickNYPOSTCARDS1011237.50
Wir halten durch !Wir halten durch !NYPOSTCARDS987707.00
London, Tower of LondonLondon, Tower of LondonNYPOSTCARDS985065.00

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