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Wir halten durch !Wir halten durch !NYPOSTCARDS987707.00
London, Tower of LondonLondon, Tower of LondonNYPOSTCARDS985065.00
Zurichsee. Salondampfer. HelvetiaZurichsee. Salondampfer. HelvetiaNYPOSTCARDS985006.00
Harbour, PortrushHarbour, PortrushNYPOSTCARDS984775.00
4 - US Coast Art. Infantry, Armored4 - US Coast Art. Infantry, ArmoredNYPOSTCARDS977005.00
3 - Camp Peary VA3 - Camp Peary VANYPOSTCARDS976915.00
Easter, Chapel US Naval Training Station, Newport RIEaster, Chapel US Naval Training Station, Newport RINYPOSTCARDS976563.00
Signal CorpSignal CorpNYPOSTCARDS968733.00
4 - Army Life4 - Army LifeNYPOSTCARDS968725.00
4 - Military Humor Cards4 - Military Humor CardsNYPOSTCARDS968713.50
4 - Army Life4 - Army LifeNYPOSTCARDS968705.00
Camp Callan, San Diego CACamp Callan, San Diego CANYPOSTCARDS968683.00
4 - Fort Bragg NC4 - Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS968665.00
1910 Encampment Ft Casey1910 Encampment Ft CaseyNYPOSTCARDS968654.00
Hospital, Pine Camp NYHospital, Pine Camp NYNYPOSTCARDS968643.00
2 - Camp Whitman2 - Camp WhitmanNYPOSTCARDS968633.50
3 - Camp Gordon GA3 - Camp Gordon GANYPOSTCARDS968625.00
Camp McCoy, WisCamp McCoy, WisNYPOSTCARDS968602.50
5 - Camp Gordon GA5 - Camp Gordon GANYPOSTCARDS968515.00
Maneuvers St Lawrence Co. NYManeuvers St Lawrence Co. NYNYPOSTCARDS968463.00
Post Exchange, Camp Claiborne LAPost Exchange, Camp Claiborne LANYPOSTCARDS968383.50
2 - Horse, Mounting & Pyramid2 - Horse, Mounting & PyramidNYPOSTCARDS968354.00
3 - Camp Gordon GA3 - Camp Gordon GANYPOSTCARDS968345.00
4 - Camp Dix NJ4 - Camp Dix NJNYPOSTCARDS968275.00
Pine Camp NYPine Camp NYNYPOSTCARDS968263.00
2 - Army Life2 - Army LifeNYPOSTCARDS968254.00
3 - Covolry Charge, Fireing Line & 155mm Howitzer3 - Covolry Charge, Fireing Line & 155mm HowitzerNYPOSTCARDS968175.00
3 - Camp Smith, Peekskill NY3 - Camp Smith, Peekskill NYNYPOSTCARDS968165.00
4 - Pine Camp NY4 - Pine Camp NYNYPOSTCARDS968145.00
2 - Camp Chaffe Ark2 - Camp Chaffe ArkNYPOSTCARDS968094.50
3 - Pine Camp NY3 - Pine Camp NYNYPOSTCARDS968075.00
3 - Army Life3 - Army LifeNYPOSTCARDS968035.00
2 - Fort Ord, CA2 - Fort Ord, CANYPOSTCARDS967843.50
Soldiers DreamSoldiers DreamNYPOSTCARDS967802.50
3 - Army Life3 - Army LifeNYPOSTCARDS967714.00
Eyes and Ears of the ArmyEyes and Ears of the ArmyNYPOSTCARDS967673.00
Im Some LoundressIm Some LoundressNYPOSTCARDS967652.50
He Loved his Lass and He Fills His GlassHe Loved his Lass and He Fills His GlassNYPOSTCARDS967582.50
2 - Anti Aircraft Gun & Machine Gun2 - Anti Aircraft Gun & Machine GunNYPOSTCARDS967405.00
3 - Artillery, Tank Maneuvers & Anti Aircraft Unit3 - Artillery, Tank Maneuvers & Anti Aircraft UnitNYPOSTCARDS967255.00
A Jeep is a Small Scout CarA Jeep is a Small Scout CarNYPOSTCARDS960442.50
BRANTFORD, Canada...booklet of 19 b/w lithosBRANTFORD, Canada...booklet of 19 b/w lithosLIZZZYM789.99
O'Connell's Monument, Glasnevin Co. DublinO'Connell's Monument, Glasnevin Co. DublinNYPOSTCARDS959973.50
3 - Stonehenge, Wiltshire3 - Stonehenge, WiltshireNYPOSTCARDS959105.00
Tower of LondonTower of LondonNYPOSTCARDS958803.50
2 - Laroche-Migennes2 - Laroche-MigennesNYPOSTCARDS958535.00
Paris, TrocaderoParis, TrocaderoNYPOSTCARDS958523.50
Semur - Porte GuillierSemur - Porte GuillierNYPOSTCARDS958493.00
Vielsalm, La chasse a courreVielsalm, La chasse a courreNYPOSTCARDS958484.00
Kobenhavn, Hotel d'Angleterre. PalmehavenKobenhavn, Hotel d'Angleterre. PalmehavenNYPOSTCARDS958454.00

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