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Textile Workers Union of AmericaTextile Workers Union of AmericaNYPOSTCARDS1274794.00
M.W.A. Our Autre VieM.W.A. Our Autre VieNYPOSTCARDS1274178.00
Glaze-Dippers at a Detroit Spark Plug FactoryGlaze-Dippers at a Detroit Spark Plug FactoryNYPOSTCARDS1273774.00
What we Found in Last Night's BlackoutWhat we Found in Last Night's BlackoutNYPOSTCARDS1262785.00
I'm Going to Wipe Them Out - Toilet PaperI'm Going to Wipe Them Out - Toilet PaperNYPOSTCARDS1262757.50
Remember Pear HarborRemember Pear HarborNYPOSTCARDS1262738.00
I'll bring you back some SouvenirsI'll bring you back some SouvenirsNYPOSTCARDS1262565.00
Those Japs will Soon be Slap HappyThose Japs will Soon be Slap HappyNYPOSTCARDS1262495.00
Never Been KnownNever Been KnownNYPOSTCARDS1262486.00
Arf A Mo Kaiser !Arf A Mo Kaiser !NYPOSTCARDS12624011.00
What Will I Do With This ?What Will I Do With This ?NYPOSTCARDS1262247.50
Greetings from U.S. to UGreetings from U.S. to UNYPOSTCARDS1262214.00
RPPC, Limestone Milling Machine, Hendrix QuarryRPPC, Limestone Milling Machine, Hendrix QuarryNYPOSTCARDS12619012.00
RPPC, ? Mine or Cave ?RPPC, ? Mine or Cave ?NYPOSTCARDS1261855.00
Sundial Bonnie Laddies - WJZ 630 - Sundial ShoesSundial Bonnie Laddies - WJZ 630 - Sundial ShoesNYPOSTCARDS1261836.00
Spread your wings like the EagleSpread your wings like the EagleNYPOSTCARDS1261814.50
Isn't it annoying, Papa ? Papa e est plus dur que nous -Isn't it annoying, Papa ? Papa e est plus dur que nous -NYPOSTCARDS12615912.00
3 - Wac Humor Cards3 - Wac Humor CardsNYPOSTCARDS1261547.50
Geo Washington, Write My NameGeo Washington, Write My NameNYPOSTCARDS1259373.00
Hello SoldierHello SoldierNYPOSTCARDS1258724.00
Atlas Shur-On EyeglassAtlas Shur-On EyeglassNYPOSTCARDS1258555.00
Surrender be DamnedSurrender be DamnedNYPOSTCARDS1258496.50
RPPC, Interior of a Barracks, Red Cross FlagRPPC, Interior of a Barracks, Red Cross FlagNYPOSTCARDS1258376.00
RPPC, ? Mine TunnelRPPC, ? Mine TunnelNYPOSTCARDS12557810.00
Worry About Style - WAACWorry About Style - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1255694.00
Jeepers - WAACJeepers - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1255644.00
RPPC, ? MineRPPC, ? MineNYPOSTCARDS12554914.00
Tank - WAACTank - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1255454.00
Infantry AdvanceInfantry AdvanceNYPOSTCARDS1255443.00
Nothing Like a Uniform - WAACNothing Like a Uniform - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1255364.00
Empire Laundry Co. Webster MAEmpire Laundry Co. Webster MANYPOSTCARDS1255266.00
I'm Getting a Big Bang - WAACI'm Getting a Big Bang - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1255214.00
Just Looking - WAACJust Looking - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1255193.50
Trenches, Camp Gordon, Atlanta GATrenches, Camp Gordon, Atlanta GANYPOSTCARDS1255113.00
Knew About Business - WAACKnew About Business - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1255084.00
3 - WAAC Cards3 - WAAC CardsNYPOSTCARDS1254998.00
Look Who's Guarding You - WAACLook Who's Guarding You - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254974.00
Cutting Up - WAACCutting Up - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254984.00
Giving the Boys a RideGiving the Boys a RideNYPOSTCARDS1254903.00
I'm Eating my Heart Out - WAACI'm Eating my Heart Out - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254864.00
3 - WAAC Cards3 - WAAC CardsNYPOSTCARDS1254848.00
3 - WAAC Cards3 - WAAC CardsNYPOSTCARDS1254778.00
Times Have Changed - WAACTimes Have Changed - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254683.50
They May be Strong - Onions - WAACThey May be Strong - Onions - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254674.00
Dont Worry - WAACDont Worry - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254663.50
Hello Folks - WAACHello Folks - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254583.50
Hot Time - WAACHot Time - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254534.00
PO, Camp Devens, Ayer MAPO, Camp Devens, Ayer MANYPOSTCARDS1254403.50
Dont Worry - WAACDont Worry - WAACNYPOSTCARDS1254394.00
Its a Long Long Way to TipperaryIts a Long Long Way to TipperaryNYPOSTCARDS1253863.50

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