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Pocket calendar, Erotic lady in hay, 1989Pocket calendar, Erotic lady in hay, 1989IVANHOE307171.00
Pocket calendar, Standing erotic lady, 1976Pocket calendar, Standing erotic lady, 1976IVANHOE307161.00
Pocket calendar, Erotic lady with bike, 1989Pocket calendar, Erotic lady with bike, 1989IVANHOE307131.00
Pocket calendar, Bikini lady on motorbike, 1991Pocket calendar, Bikini lady on motorbike, 1991IVANHOE307021.00
Estonia:Pocket calendar, car/crashed car, 1978Estonia:Pocket calendar, car/crashed car, 1978IVANHOE302861.00
Pocket calendar, sailing ship, 1991Pocket calendar, sailing ship, 1991IVANHOE288441.00
Pocket calendar, dolphins, fishes, 1995Pocket calendar, dolphins, fishes, 1995IVANHOE288431.00
Pocket calendar, Penidorm Palace, dancers, 2003Pocket calendar, Penidorm Palace, dancers, 2003IVANHOE206781.00
Pocket calendar, Dog, alsatian, 1992Pocket calendar, Dog, alsatian, 1992IVANHOE510391.00
Pocket calendar, Erotic lady on sofa, 1991Pocket calendar, Erotic lady on sofa, 1991IVANHOE307321.00
Pocket calendar, Man and lady with motorbikePocket calendar, Man and lady with motorbikeIVANHOE165461.00
Pocket calendar, motorbikePocket calendar, motorbikeIVANHOE165451.00
Pocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, scorpionPocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, scorpionIVANHOE506781.00
Pocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, virgoPocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, virgoIVANHOE506791.00
Pocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, taurusPocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, taurusIVANHOE506771.00
Pocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, geminiPocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, geminiIVANHOE506761.00
Pocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, ariesPocket cakendar 2004, zodiac, ariesIVANHOE506751.00
Plastic card, Stamps with kitten and puppie,catPlastic card, Stamps with kitten and puppie,catIVANHOE506831.00
Pocket calendar, Daudas river waterfall, 1988Pocket calendar, Daudas river waterfall, 1988IVANHOE734331.00
Pocket calendar, Sangardak river waterfall, 1988Pocket calendar, Sangardak river waterfall, 1988IVANHOE734341.00
Estonia:Lottery ticket, Children care, 1930Estonia:Lottery ticket, Children care, 1930IVANHOE766954.00
Estonia:Pocket calendar, waterfall, 1990Estonia:Pocket calendar, waterfall, 1990IVANHOE759391.00
Estonia:Pocket calendar, Book cover, train, 1988Estonia:Pocket calendar, Book cover, train, 1988IVANHOE759371.00
Pocket calendar, Helvecia vermouth advert, 1983Pocket calendar, Helvecia vermouth advert, 1983IVANHOE734211.00
Stereo pocket calendar,fairy tale,wolf,girl, 1977Stereo pocket calendar,fairy tale,wolf,girl, 1977IVANHOE734181.00
Stereo pocket calendar, Cat/mouse, 1985Stereo pocket calendar, Cat/mouse, 1985IVANHOE734191.00
Stereo pocket calendar,Kids,dog,Christmas tree,88Stereo pocket calendar,Kids,dog,Christmas tree,88IVANHOE734151.00
Stereo pocket calendar, Lion with butterfly, 1990Stereo pocket calendar, Lion with butterfly, 1990IVANHOE734161.00
Stereo pocket calendar, Lion/kids, 1978Stereo pocket calendar, Lion/kids, 1978IVANHOE734171.00
Lithuania:Legation check, lilac, 1925Lithuania:Legation check, lilac, 1925IVANHOE609315.00

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