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Russia:Medal Georgi Zukov 1896-1996Russia:Medal Georgi Zukov 1896-1996IVANHOE627126.00
Russia:Medal 50 years from victoryRussia:Medal 50 years from victoryIVANHOE627116.00
Russia:Medal For serving 20 years in red armyRussia:Medal For serving 20 years in red armyIVANHOE627104.00
Russia:Medal For serving 10 years in red armyRussia:Medal For serving 10 years in red armyIVANHOE6270811.50
Russia:Badge Gvardija, military forces, bronzeRussia:Badge Gvardija, military forces, bronzeIVANHOE627066.00
Sweden?:Ranger badge, parachutistSweden?:Ranger badge, parachutistIVANHOE603883.25
Russia:Badge II class soldier, pre 1990Russia:Badge II class soldier, pre 1990IVANHOE610953.75
Russia:Badge III class soldier, pre 1990Russia:Badge III class soldier, pre 1990IVANHOE610963.75
Russia:Medal For serving 15 years in red armyRussia:Medal For serving 15 years in red armyIVANHOE6270913.00
Lithuania:Army cockade, badge, B, pre 2003Lithuania:Army cockade, badge, B, pre 2003IVANHOE582578.00
Lithuania:Army cockade, badge, A, pre 2003Lithuania:Army cockade, badge, A, pre 2003IVANHOE582568.00
Russia:Medal 30 years from victoryRussia:Medal 30 years from victoryIVANHOE573635.50
Russia:Exemplary soldiers badgeRussia:Exemplary soldiers badgeIVANHOE573673.75
Russia:Medal 40 years from victoryRussia:Medal 40 years from victoryIVANHOE573646.50
Russia:Medal 50 years Russian armyRussia:Medal 50 years Russian armyIVANHOE573656.50
Russia:Medal 60 years Russian armyRussia:Medal 60 years Russian armyIVANHOE573666.00
Russia:Military hat badge, cockadeRussia:Military hat badge, cockadeIVANHOE573595.50
Russia:Medal 20 years from victoryRussia:Medal 20 years from victoryIVANHOE573624.75

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