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Cuba 512 MLH  Set of OneCuba 512 MLH Set of OneWME344461.00
Peru  426-433 Used setPeru 426-433 Used setWME437171.00
Cuba 293 UsedCuba 293 UsedWME380051.00
Cuba RA 22-25 MH SetCuba RA 22-25 MH SetWME379801.00
Cuba 292 MHCuba 292 MHWME379971.00
Cuba C134 MH Set of OneCuba C134 MH Set of OneWME380031.00
Cuba C135 MH Set of OneCuba C135 MH Set of OneWME380041.00
Panama 51 MH Panama 51 MH WME453681.00
Panama C181-182 MH SetPanama C181-182 MH SetWME453671.00
Panama 69 MHPanama 69 MHWME453661.25
Peru 14 UsedPeru 14 UsedWME453651.25
Brasil 195 MH Set of One, No GumBrasil 195 MH Set of One, No GumWME451701.75
Brasil 189 Used set of OneBrasil 189 Used set of OneWME451681.00
Brasil 206 UsedBrasil 206 UsedWME451671.75
Brasil P10-12 MHBrasil P10-12 MHWME451664.75
Brasil J19 MHBrasil J19 MHWME451654.00
Brasil J19 UsedBrasil J19 UsedWME451641.25
Brasil J17 UsedBrasil J17 UsedWME451632.75
Brasil J3 MHBrasil J3 MHWME451622.75
Brasil 132C UsedBrasil 132C UsedWME451611.75
Brasil 109 MH, No gumBrasil 109 MH, No gumWME451605.50
Brasil 79 UsedBrasil 79 UsedWME451599.00
Brasil 94 UsedBrasil 94 UsedWME4515812.50
Brasil 97 MH, No gumBrasil 97 MH, No gumWME451579.50
Brasil 83 MH, No gumBrasil 83 MH, No gumWME451567.50
Brasil 61 UsedBrasil 61 UsedWME4515517.00
Brasil 62 UsedBrasil 62 UsedWME4515413.00
Brasil 63 UsedBrasil 63 UsedWME451535.00
Brasil 64 UsedBrasil 64 UsedWME451529.00
Brasil 65 MH, No GumBrasil 65 MH, No GumWME451515.50
Venezuela O22A UsedVenezuela O22A UsedWME410721.00
Venezuela 908-910,C933-935 MH SetVenezuela 908-910,C933-935 MH SetWME410731.00
Brasil 68 MH, No GumBrasil 68 MH, No GumWME451503.75
Brasil 69 MH, No GumBrasil 69 MH, No GumWME451494.75
Brasil 71 UsedBrasil 71 UsedWME451485.00
Brasil 73 UsedBrasil 73 UsedWME451478.50
Brasil 75 UsedBrasil 75 UsedWME451463.00
Brasil 77 UsedBrasil 77 UsedWME4514518.00
Brasil 53 MH, No GumBrasil 53 MH, No GumWME451443.75
Brasil 27 UsedBrasil 27 UsedWME4514330.00
Brasil 23 MH, No GumBrasil 23 MH, No GumWME451425.50
Venezuela C819-819A  MNH SetVenezuela C819-819A MNH SetWME434021.00
Neth. Antilles CB2 MHNeth. Antilles CB2 MHWME399913.00
Cuba 263 Used Set of OneCuba 263 Used Set of OneWME413971.00
Cuba 557-558 MH Sets[2]Cuba 557-558 MH Sets[2]WME379991.00
Cuba 575 MH SetCuba 575 MH SetWME380001.00
Cuba 574 MH SetCuba 574 MH SetWME380011.00
Cuba C17 UsedCuba C17 UsedWME380026.00
Cuba 319-320 Used SetCuba 319-320 Used SetWME379941.00
Netherlands Antilles B43-47 MH SetNetherlands Antilles B43-47 MH SetWME408481.00

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