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Russia:Used bloc,60 years Aeroflot, airplaneRussia:Used bloc,60 years Aeroflot, airplaneIVANHOE741931.00
Russia:Used bloc,Order Hero of Soviet UnionRussia:Used bloc,Order Hero of Soviet UnionIVANHOE741861.00
Russia:Used bloc,Art, religionRussia:Used bloc,Art, religionIVANHOE741881.00
Russia:Used bloc,USSR-India,Breznev and GandhiRussia:Used bloc,USSR-India,Breznev and GandhiIVANHOE741871.00
Russia:Used bloc,USSR constitutionRussia:Used bloc,USSR constitutionIVANHOE741851.00
Russia:Used bloc,Newspaper Pravda, spaceRussia:Used bloc,Newspaper Pravda, spaceIVANHOE741841.00
Russia:Used bloc,Art, K.S.Petrov-VodkinRussia:Used bloc,Art, K.S.Petrov-VodkinIVANHOE742061.00
Latvia:France:Stamp booklet, 1999Latvia:France:Stamp booklet, 1999IVANHOE5670514.50

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