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RARE - Vermont 1920 Election Booklet. Frederick H. Babbitt for Governor (He lost to Republican James Hartness) 12ppRARE - Vermont 1920 Election Booklet. Frederick H. Babbitt for Governor (He lost to Republican James Hartness) 12ppAHA2863329.98
June 1938 Canada Department of Agriculture Crops, PricesJune 1938 Canada Department of Agriculture Crops, PricesPMK699263.50
Cover, Correspondence, Canadian Government Offices Visitors' Writing London England to Appin OntarioCover, Correspondence, Canadian Government Offices Visitors' Writing London England to Appin OntarioPMK692653.50
Document : Certificate of Czar Army N. 802, from 1895 ?Document : Certificate of Czar Army N. 802, from 1895 ?IVANHOE1275817.00
Estonia:Temporary passport, Pärsama, 1920Estonia:Temporary passport, Pärsama, 1920IVANHOE599537.00
Estonia:Postcard-passport, orders,issued 1948Estonia:Postcard-passport, orders,issued 1948IVANHOE576267.00
Estonia:Insurance company policy,OMA, 1931Estonia:Insurance company policy,OMA, 1931IVANHOE589458.50
Estonia:Tallinna Linnapank, check, pre 1940Estonia:Tallinna Linnapank, check, pre 1940IVANHOE451161.00
Estonia:Church fold member card,Rapla, 1928IVANHOE348331.00
Estonia:Eesti Kongress passport, 1991Estonia:Eesti Kongress passport, 1991IVANHOE9602120.00
Russia:Estonia:Troops, military soldier book, 1948Russia:Estonia:Troops, military soldier book, 1948IVANHOE6695714.50
Russia:Estonia:Bank account book, 1963Russia:Estonia:Bank account book, 1963IVANHOE6695811.00
Russia:Estonia:Labour union member book, 1940Russia:Estonia:Labour union member book, 1940IVANHOE6696319.00
Russia:Estonia:Labour union member book, 1980Russia:Estonia:Labour union member book, 1980IVANHOE6696415.00
Russia:Estonia:Labour union member book, 1951Russia:Estonia:Labour union member book, 1951IVANHOE6696516.00
Russia:Bus ticket for child, 1956Russia:Bus ticket for child, 1956IVANHOE681014.00
Estonia:Purchase card, ca 1987Estonia:Purchase card, ca 1987IVANHOE669246.00
Russia:Estonia:Farm labour book, 1976Russia:Estonia:Farm labour book, 1976IVANHOE6695211.00
Estonia:Business certificate, industry, 1921Estonia:Business certificate, industry, 1921IVANHOE696765.00
Estonia:Passport, issued 1919Estonia:Passport, issued 1919IVANHOE696707.00
Russia:Estonia:Secondary shool diploma, 1970Russia:Estonia:Secondary shool diploma, 1970IVANHOE6695012.00
Russia:Estonia:Motorbike drive licence, 1964Russia:Estonia:Motorbike drive licence, 1964IVANHOE6693215.00
Estonia:Sport society Kalev membership card, 1979Estonia:Sport society Kalev membership card, 1979IVANHOE6692711.50
Russia:Society Sience membership card, 1976Russia:Society Sience membership card, 1976IVANHOE6692611.50
Estonia:Russia:Tallinn, Receipt,revenue, 1906Estonia:Russia:Tallinn, Receipt,revenue, 1906IVANHOE680856.00
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 5000, 1925Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 5000, 1925IVANHOE6808111.50
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 10000,unused,1932Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 10000,unused,1932IVANHOE6808211.50
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 20000, 1928Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 20000, 1928IVANHOE6808311.50
Estonia:Receipt,EKA insurance company,revenue,1940Estonia:Receipt,EKA insurance company,revenue,1940IVANHOE680844.00
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 1000, 1932Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 1000, 1932IVANHOE6807911.50
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 5000, unused,1930Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 5000, unused,1930IVANHOE6808011.50
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 250, 1933Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 250, 1933IVANHOE6807711.50
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 500, 1929Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 500, 1929IVANHOE6807811.50
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 1930Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 1930IVANHOE6807311.50
Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 100, 1933Estonia:Trimmer, bill of credit, 100, 1933IVANHOE6807411.50
Estonia:Piglet purchase licence, 1944Estonia:Piglet purchase licence, 1944IVANHOE680971.00
Estonia:Certificate from school, 1960Estonia:Certificate from school, 1960IVANHOE680981.00
Estonia:Free railway ticket for student, 1934Estonia:Free railway ticket for student, 1934IVANHOE680996.00
Russia:Bus ticket for child, unused, pre 1960Russia:Bus ticket for child, unused, pre 1960IVANHOE681004.00
Estonia:unused treasury warrant, pre 1940Estonia:unused treasury warrant, pre 1940IVANHOE680951.00
Estonia:Photographer receipt for photos, 1957Estonia:Photographer receipt for photos, 1957IVANHOE680961.00
Estonia:ETK receipt, 1944Estonia:ETK receipt, 1944IVANHOE680911.00
Estonia:Account receipt, for sheep, 1952Estonia:Account receipt, for sheep, 1952IVANHOE680921.00
Estonia:Invoice with revenue, 5 cents, 1937Estonia:Invoice with revenue, 5 cents, 1937IVANHOE680933.75
Estonia:Unused check,Kuressaare maapank, pre 1940Estonia:Unused check,Kuressaare maapank, pre 1940IVANHOE680941.00
Estonia:Receipt with revenue, 5 cents, 1940Estonia:Receipt with revenue, 5 cents, 1940IVANHOE680873.75
Estonia:Income-receipt, 1938Estonia:Income-receipt, 1938IVANHOE680881.00
Estonia:Russia:Tallinn, Receipt,revenue, 1914Estonia:Russia:Tallinn, Receipt,revenue, 1914IVANHOE680866.00
Estonia:Tax receipt, 1954Estonia:Tax receipt, 1954IVANHOE680891.00
Estonia:Receipt, insurance, 1963Estonia:Receipt, insurance, 1963IVANHOE680901.00

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