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Mantic - Kings of War 10 Elves Spearmen Troop Wargame Miniatures



Mantic - Kings of War 10 Elves Spearmen Troop Wargame Miniatures

Seller: James Bass, NKYPHOTOS, KENTUCKY, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Price: $10.00

Shipping/Handling charge in the U.S.: $6.50



Item Description

Other Notes: This box contains 10 finely detailed plastics Elves armed with spears, including three multi-part figures. There are dead figures, extra heads, weapon options, 20mm bases and shield stickers. The figures can be collected, modeled, painted and used for gaming. This set includes 1 x Elves Spearmen Troop Frame (10) 1 x Elves Stickers 1 x Elves Guide / Poster 10 x bases 1 x re usable carry case (25mm) 1 x re usable protective foam Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
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