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Multi-Lister Tips & Examples

None of the boxes on the Multi-Lister default page are required to be filled in. Any boxes you fill in will have that data automatically "inserted" into each listing in that batch. The whole idea is to save you from having to type redundant information on each listing. Below are some tips for taking advantage of the power of Playle's Multi-Lister.

Common Titles: If you have a lot of similar items, for example Large Letters from different cities, you might put in the Title Box "Large Letter", which would then appear in all of the listings in this group. Then after the batch is created, you can complete each title by adding just the city name. This would save you from having to type "Large Letter" 20 times.

Categories: If all of the items go in the same category, simply list that one number. If you want to have all of the items listed in this batch to be in same multiple categories, you can list each category number separated by either a space or a comma. Then, if needed, you can individually change specific item categories on the subsequent page. For a list of categories click here. The list is also available in .pdf format.  We suggest you print it out for easy reference.

Sequential Picture Files: If the picture files for the batch of items you want to submit are sequentially numbered, our software can automatically sequence the picture URL in each listing for you. All you have to do is type the complete URL of the first picture file in the sequence, then put brackets [ ] around the number to be sequenced. For example, if you enter[500].jpg  our Multi-Lister will automatically fill in the other URLs sequentially as 501.jpg, 502.jpg, 503.jpg etc. Note: If you want to store your pictures on our site, you will need to FTP your pictures in bulk. This is much faster than the old method of uploading one picture file at a time during listing, which our Multi-Lister doesn't support. If you don't have an FTP account/password, email

Non-sequential Picture Files: If your picture files are not sequentially numbered, you can still have most of the URL pre-filled in for you. For example, if you enter  in the picture field it will show up in each item in the batch. Then all you have to do is complete each URL by adding the specific file name, like   car.jpg   ohio.jpg   b30459a.jpg   etc.

You can use our Boiler Plate feature with Multi-Lister: Do you ever wish you could go back into your previous listings, and easily make changes to your terms, links, or perhaps make an announcement about an upcoming show or sale? If you use our new "boiler plate" feature, you can do just that! You create a boiler plate for the things your listings have in common. It can be anything that you want attached to your listings. Then, when making new listings, select the option to add your boiler plate. The beauty of this feature: if you want to change anything, or add something new - simply make the changes to your boiler plate, and presto-chango - they will instantly appear in ALL your previous listings you made with your boiler plate! Go to the Boiler Plate page for more info, and to create yours.

NOTE: If you are not familiar with any of the boxes on the Multi-Lister form, you can look at the regular add listings form for a complete description.

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