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Postcard Checklist

Hobo Joes Coffee Shops

Checklist Author: Ben Shoemaker

Colony Foods, Inc. 1801 Dove Street, Newport Beach, California 92660. Originally based in Scotsdale, Arizona and called Hobo Joe's Coffee Shops. This company's cards have blue backs & dividing line reads : Dist. by Jerry Duchscherer, Box 891, Scotsdale, Arizona. This card was printed by Dexter.

The Colony Foods cards have a dividing line that reads: Colorcard by Locantore, 548-3213, Costa Mesa, California. and are printed by Kolor View Press. All found so far are vertical views. Unknown artist.

All cards have "World Traveler, Philosopher, and Connoisseur of Good Food" at bottom of card next to the "HoBo Joe"

They must have been popular because two different printers were used.

Printed Dexter

1 Hobo reading Wall Street Journal

Printed Kolor View

1 Hobo reading Wall Street Journal

2 Hobo fishing

3 Hobo shaving

4 Hobo washing clothes

5 Hobo in hammock

6 Hobo running to catch train

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