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4 - Xmas Cards4 - Xmas CardsAHA172616.98
Will Rogers Shrine, Colorado Springs COWill Rogers Shrine, Colorado Springs COAHA172536.98
Greetings from Vernfield PA (Sample Card)Greetings from Vernfield PA (Sample Card)AHA172516.98
Bernalillo Co. Indian Hospital, Albuquerque NMBernalillo Co. Indian Hospital, Albuquerque NMAHA172486.98
Salt Lake City Water Works, Parley's CanyonSalt Lake City Water Works, Parley's CanyonAHA172466.98
Lobster Cove, East Boothbay MELobster Cove, East Boothbay MEAHA172426.98
McMillen Feed Mill, Decatur, IndMcMillen Feed Mill, Decatur, IndAHA172396.98
Kings Chapel, Boston MassKings Chapel, Boston MassAHA172386.98
Brooklyn Bridge NYBrooklyn Bridge NYAHA172356.98
Wayne Co Electric Co, Lyons NY, 1995 PrintWayne Co Electric Co, Lyons NY, 1995 PrintAHA172346.98
General Office, Swift Co. ChicagoGeneral Office, Swift Co. ChicagoAHA172326.98
Native Wilds, Adirondack MtsNative Wilds, Adirondack MtsAHA172286.98
St Paul's Episcopal Church, Watertown NYSt Paul's Episcopal Church, Watertown NYAHA172226.98
Frankfort, Friedrich StoltzeFrankfort, Friedrich StoltzeAHA172216.98
Luray Singing Tower, Luray VALuray Singing Tower, Luray VAAHA172156.98
Simonson Bridge, East Caroga Lake NYSimonson Bridge, East Caroga Lake NYAHA172136.98
Cold Brook, AdirondacksCold Brook, AdirondacksAHA172046.98
The Last Load - HayThe Last Load - HayAHA172036.98
Lookout Mt. Rock CityLookout Mt. Rock CityAHA171996.98
The MunstersThe MunstersAHA171986.98
Dam, Burrville Creek, Watertown NYDam, Burrville Creek, Watertown NYAHA171976.98
WCW Nitro TNT, Hulk HoganWCW Nitro TNT, Hulk HoganAHA171956.98
Suicide Oak, New Orleans LASuicide Oak, New Orleans LAAHA171946.98
Devil's Oven, 1000 Islands NYDevil's Oven, 1000 Islands NYAHA171926.98
Large Grapefruit GroveLarge Grapefruit GroveAHA171916.98
Soldiers Monument, Binghamton NYSoldiers Monument, Binghamton NYAHA171886.98
War Dept, 1st Fighter CommandWar Dept, 1st Fighter CommandAHA171846.98
Lodge, Williamsburg VALodge, Williamsburg VAAHA171796.98
William Penn Statue, Philadelphia PAWilliam Penn Statue, Philadelphia PAAHA171786.98
Demons Anvil, Dells WisDemons Anvil, Dells WisAHA171776.98
1000 Islands, Canadian Channel1000 Islands, Canadian ChannelAHA171746.98
1000 Islands1000 IslandsAHA171736.98
Doran Bridge, Richmond IndDoran Bridge, Richmond IndAHA171716.98
Campus Syracuse U NYCampus Syracuse U NYAHA171706.98
East Indian Cedar, Lee Mansion, Arlington Nat CemeteryEast Indian Cedar, Lee Mansion, Arlington Nat CemeteryAHA171666.98
Polar bear, Ringling Bros, Sarasota FlaPolar bear, Ringling Bros, Sarasota FlaAHA171646.98
Grand Coulee Dam, WAGrand Coulee Dam, WAAHA171616.98
Holyfield vs Tyson IIHolyfield vs Tyson IIAHA171596.98
Cleveland Swimming Pool, OHCleveland Swimming Pool, OHAHA171586.98
Great Rubber Tree, BarmudaGreat Rubber Tree, BarmudaAHA171576.98
The MunstersThe MunstersAHA171566.98
Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Fulton Chain of LakesTrail of the Lonesome Pine, Fulton Chain of LakesAHA171536.98
Greetings from Vernfield PA (Sample Card)Greetings from Vernfield PA (Sample Card)AHA171486.98
3 - Erie Canal, (1995 Prints)3 - Erie Canal, (1995 Prints)AHA171446.98
Youth Organisations (Boys Brigade) re-print from stampYouth Organisations (Boys Brigade) re-print from stampAHA171356.98
2 - Erie Canal, Gates NY (1995 Prints)2 - Erie Canal, Gates NY (1995 Prints)AHA171326.98
Boy Scout, Solomon Islands (with stamp)Boy Scout, Solomon Islands (with stamp)AHA171266.98
2 - Elvis Presley2 - Elvis PresleyAHA171206.98
2 - Elvis Presley2 - Elvis PresleyAHA171116.98
2 - Elvis Presley (1987 & 1992 Prints)2 - Elvis Presley (1987 & 1992 Prints)AHA171106.98

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