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Uzbekistan:Tashkent, Students small town, 1967Uzbekistan:Tashkent, Students small town, 1967IVANHOE1452331.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Georgia:Suhhumi, WW II monument, 1974Georgia:Suhhumi, WW II monument, 1974IVANHOE1452321.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Armenia:Jerevan. Chemistry institute, 1974Armenia:Jerevan. Chemistry institute, 1974IVANHOE1452381.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Armenia:Jerevan. Kievjan street, 1974Armenia:Jerevan. Kievjan street, 1974IVANHOE1452371.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Armenia:Jerevan. Churgery institute, 1974Armenia:Jerevan. Churgery institute, 1974IVANHOE1452361.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Armenia:Dzermuk, October revolution monument, 1970Armenia:Dzermuk, October revolution monument, 1970IVANHOE1452391.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21