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Cow from backCow from backIVANHOE1466151.50
Cows near buildingsCows near buildingsIVANHOE1465981.50
Drinking cowDrinking cowIVANHOE1464361.50
Looking cowLooking cowIVANHOE1430061.00
Cows, welcome to NebraskalandCows, welcome to NebraskalandIVANHOE1430951.00
USA:Dallas, Pioneer plaza, bronze cowsUSA:Dallas, Pioneer plaza, bronze cowsIVANHOE1434431.00
R.Sagrits, cowsR.Sagrits, cowsIVANHOE1365351.00
G. A. Aitijev: CowsG. A. Aitijev: CowsIVANHOE1394321.00
M. I. Lebedev: Cows, 1958M. I. Lebedev: Cows, 1958IVANHOE1394331.00
Jul.Siemens:Cows in water, *PU 1926Jul.Siemens:Cows in water, *PU 1926IVANHOE1367016.00