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Russia:Ice hockey, Viktor Kuzkin, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Viktor Kuzkin, 1974IVANHOE1440661.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Boris Mihailov with trophys, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Boris Mihailov with trophys, 1974IVANHOE1440651.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vsevolod Bobrov, Boris Kulagin, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Vsevolod Bobrov, Boris Kulagin, 1974IVANHOE1440641.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Juri Ljapkin, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Juri Ljapkin, 1974IVANHOE1440631.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Jevgeni Poladjev, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Jevgeni Poladjev, 1974IVANHOE1440621.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Maltsev, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Maltsev, 1974IVANHOE1440611.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Jakushev, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Jakushev, 1974IVANHOE1440601.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Shadrin, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Shadrin, 1974IVANHOE1440591.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksander Martynjuk, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksander Martynjuk, 1974IVANHOE1440581.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksander Volkov, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksander Volkov, 1974IVANHOE1440571.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksander Ragulin, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksander Ragulin, 1974IVANHOE1440561.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Gennadi Tsygankov, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Gennadi Tsygankov, 1974IVANHOE1440551.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Lutsenko, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Lutsenko, 1974IVANHOE1440541.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Harlamov, Boris Mihailov, Vladimir Petrov, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Harlamov, Boris Mihailov, Vladimir Petrov, 1974IVANHOE1440531.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Harlamov, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Harlamov, 1974IVANHOE1440521.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Petrov, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Petrov, 1974IVANHOE1440511.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Boris Mihailov, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Boris Mihailov, 1974IVANHOE1440501.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Vasiljev, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Vasiljev, 1974IVANHOE1440491.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Gusev, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Gusev, 1974IVANHOE1440481.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Sidelnikov, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Sidelnikov, 1974IVANHOE1440471.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Russian players, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Russian players, 1974IVANHOE1440461.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Czechslovakia team, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Czechslovakia team, 1974IVANHOE1440451.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Russia and Poland, Finland, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Russia and Poland, Finland, 1974IVANHOE1440441.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Russia and Czechslovakia, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Russia and Czechslovakia, 1974IVANHOE1440431.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Russian players, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Russian players, 1974IVANHOE1440421.25
Russia:Ice hockey, reward, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, reward, 1974IVANHOE1440411.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Sweden and ?, Finland, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, Sweden and ?, Finland, 1974IVANHOE1440401.25
Russia:Ice hockey, World championship 1971, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, World championship 1971, 1974IVANHOE1440391.25
Russia:Ice hockey, European championship 1973, 1974Russia:Ice hockey, European championship 1973, 1974IVANHOE1440381.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Lutsenko, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Lutsenko, 1975IVANHOE1440371.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Petrov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Petrov, 1975IVANHOE1440361.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Helsinki 1974, stadium, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Helsinki 1974, stadium, 1975IVANHOE1440351.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladislav Tretjak, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Vladislav Tretjak, 1975IVANHOE1440341.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Sidelnikov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Sidelnikov, 1975IVANHOE1440331.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Gusev, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Gusev, 1975IVANHOE1440321.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Vasiljev, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Vasiljev, 1975IVANHOE1440311.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Juri Ljapkin, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Juri Ljapkin, 1975IVANHOE1440301.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Juri Shatalov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Juri Shatalov, 1975IVANHOE1440291.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Victor Kuznetsov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Victor Kuznetsov, 1975IVANHOE1440281.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Boris Mihailov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Boris Mihailov, 1975IVANHOE1440271.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Gennadi Tsygankov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Gennadi Tsygankov, 1975IVANHOE1440261.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Harlamov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Valeri Harlamov, 1975IVANHOE1440251.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Malyshev, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Malyshev, 1975IVANHOE1440241.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Shadrin, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Shadrin, 1975IVANHOE1440231.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Jakushev, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Jakushev, 1975IVANHOE1440221.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Jurii Lebedev, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Jurii Lebedev, 1975IVANHOE1440211.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vjatseslav Apisin, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Vjatseslav Apisin, 1975IVANHOE1440201.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Sergei Kapustin, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Sergei Kapustin, 1975IVANHOE1440191.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Bodunov, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Aleksandr Bodunov, 1975IVANHOE1440181.25
Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Repnev, 1975Russia:Ice hockey, Vladimir Repnev, 1975IVANHOE1440171.25

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