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Russia:Orenburg, pioneers and cannon, 1971Russia:Orenburg, pioneers and cannon, 1971IVANHOE1456431.00
Tank on monument, buses, 1964Tank on monument, buses, 1964IVANHOE1457961.50
Russia:Hakasia, Digging machines, 1970Russia:Hakasia, Digging machines, 1970IVANHOE1456421.00
Russia:Murmansk, Monument to the 6th heroic battery, cannon, 1966Russia:Murmansk, Monument to the 6th heroic battery, cannon, 1966IVANHOE1456441.00
Russia:Hakasia, Combines on field, 1970Russia:Hakasia, Combines on field, 1970IVANHOE1456461.00
Russia:Sotsi, train-funicular, 1975Russia:Sotsi, train-funicular, 1975IVANHOE1456471.00
Russia:Pjatigorsk, Funicular, small size cardRussia:Pjatigorsk, Funicular, small size cardIVANHOE1456201.00
Russia:Pskov, Monument with tank, 1974Russia:Pskov, Monument with tank, 1974IVANHOE1456451.00
Georgia:Batumi port and passenger ship, 1974Georgia:Batumi port and passenger ship, 1974IVANHOE1456211.00
Tractor on fieldTractor on fieldIVANHOE1436761.00
Road rollerRoad rollerIVANHOE1436771.00
Tank on ice fieldTank on ice fieldIVANHOE1436781.00
Small excavator at workSmall excavator at workIVANHOE1436791.00
Tractor CatTractor CatIVANHOE1436801.00
Excavator StalpalExcavator StalpalIVANHOE1436811.00
Transportation on planet MarsTransportation on planet MarsIVANHOE1436821.00
Working combinesWorking combinesIVANHOE1372441.00
Germany:Lindau, FunicularGermany:Lindau, FunicularIVANHOE1372451.00
Tractors and trucks in RussiaTractors and trucks in RussiaIVANHOE1372421.00
V.Hartsenko, Tractors building BAMV.Hartsenko, Tractors building BAMIVANHOE1372431.00
Tank Centurion MK5Tank Centurion MK5IVANHOE1378801.00
Asphalting tractor VögeleAsphalting tractor VögeleIVANHOE1378811.00
Atv TZ 4K 14Atv TZ 4K 14IVANHOE1378841.00
Italy:Bolzano, Funicular, pre 1940Italy:Bolzano, Funicular, pre 1940IVANHOE1369003.00