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C.Burton:Horse, BKWI 892-4, pre 1932C.Burton:Horse, BKWI 892-4, pre 1932IVANHOE1461907.00
Donadini:Horse race, Peluba 237, pre 1920Donadini:Horse race, Peluba 237, pre 1920IVANHOE1461918.00
Kämeneros??:Hunting with horses and dogs, Peluba 274, pre 1920Kämeneros??:Hunting with horses and dogs, Peluba 274, pre 1920IVANHOE1461928.00
Pimonenko:At the well, horse, cows, pre 1920Pimonenko:At the well, horse, cows, pre 1920IVANHOE1461944.00
Horses and rainbowHorses and rainbowIVANHOE1432991.00
2 loving horses2 loving horsesIVANHOE1432981.00
Horses in grassHorses in grassIVANHOE1432971.00
Running horsesRunning horsesIVANHOE1432961.00
Horse with boyHorse with boyIVANHOE1432951.00
Horses in front of rookHorses in front of rookIVANHOE1432941.00
Eating horses, AEating horses, AIVANHOE1432931.00
Playing horsesPlaying horsesIVANHOE1432921.00
Posing horsePosing horseIVANHOE1432911.00
M.B.Grekov:Horses and rooks, 1970M.B.Grekov:Horses and rooks, 1970IVANHOE1432901.00
Horse raceHorse raceIVANHOE1432891.00
Horses with riders and sunsetHorses with riders and sunsetIVANHOE1432881.00
Horse in front of rook, WarssawiHorse in front of rook, WarssawiIVANHOE1432871.00
2 white horses and storm2 white horses and stormIVANHOE1432861.00
Horse in front of stableHorse in front of stableIVANHOE1432851.00
Horses in front of rookHorses in front of rookIVANHOE1432841.00
Horses in front of coachHorses in front of coachIVANHOE1432831.00
Horse with rider in waterHorse with rider in waterIVANHOE1432821.00
Brown horse headBrown horse headIVANHOE1432811.00
Drinking white horseDrinking white horseIVANHOE1432801.00
Horse in woodHorse in woodIVANHOE1432791.00
Horses in front of coachHorses in front of coachIVANHOE1432781.00
T.Tulev:Horse in front of sleigh, 1986T.Tulev:Horse in front of sleigh, 1986IVANHOE1432771.00
Running horseRunning horseIVANHOE1432761.00
Eating horsesEating horsesIVANHOE1432751.00
Viet Nam:Maxi card, running horses, 2002, Horse yearViet Nam:Maxi card, running horses, 2002, Horse yearIVANHOE1432742.00
2 horses2 horsesIVANHOE1432731.00
Running horsesRunning horsesIVANHOE1432721.00
Running horses and foalsRunning horses and foalsIVANHOE1432701.00
Eating horse and foalEating horse and foalIVANHOE1432691.00
2 horses in fence2 horses in fenceIVANHOE1432681.00
Posing horsePosing horseIVANHOE1432661.00
Large horse headLarge horse headIVANHOE1432651.00
2 standing horses2 standing horsesIVANHOE1432631.00
J.V.Gusev:Eating horses, 1956J.V.Gusev:Eating horses, 1956IVANHOE1432601.00
Foal on grassFoal on grassIVANHOE1432591.00
Eating foals and horsesEating foals and horsesIVANHOE1432581.00
Horses and rooksHorses and rooksIVANHOE1432561.00
PS:G.Mazura:Horses in front of sleigh, troika, 1970PS:G.Mazura:Horses in front of sleigh, troika, 1970IVANHOE1432541.00
Horses, R.French, 1957Horses, R.French, 1957IVANHOE1432532.00
Horser head, glittering postcardHorser head, glittering postcardIVANHOE1432192.50
Horses in stableHorses in stableIVANHOE1432171.00
Horses in front of sleighHorses in front of sleighIVANHOE1432141.00
Horse in front of sleigh, Quebec, Canada, Mt. Royal parkHorse in front of sleigh, Quebec, Canada, Mt. Royal parkIVANHOE1432131.00
Large horse headLarge horse headIVANHOE1432121.00
Horses with dogs, replicaHorses with dogs, replicaIVANHOE1432051.00

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