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Russia:Postal stationery, Artist V.N.Pashennaja 100 years from Birth, 1987Russia:Postal stationery, Artist V.N.Pashennaja 100 years from Birth, 1987IVANHOE1439121.00
A.G.Krutsina:Russian artist Nadezhda Nadhezhdina, 1984A.G.Krutsina:Russian artist Nadezhda Nadhezhdina, 1984IVANHOE1439381.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Laura Vartanjan, 1977Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Laura Vartanjan, 1977IVANHOE1381891.00
Serial Miami Vice stars Don Johnson and  Philip Michael Thomas, ASerial Miami Vice stars Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, AIVANHOE1381861.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Natalja Varlei, 1970Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Natalja Varlei, 1970IVANHOE1381881.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Anastasija Vertinskaja, 1967Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Anastasija Vertinskaja, 1967IVANHOE1381991.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Ljudmila Saveleva, 1967Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Ljudmila Saveleva, 1967IVANHOE1382001.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Jevgeni Gerasimov, 1977Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Jevgeni Gerasimov, 1977IVANHOE1381971.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Galina Jatskina, 1977Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Galina Jatskina, 1977IVANHOE1381981.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Anastasija Vertinskaja, 1967Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Anastasija Vertinskaja, 1967IVANHOE1381961.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Ariadna Shengelaja, 1970?Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Ariadna Shengelaja, 1970?IVANHOE1381941.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Ljudmila Saveljeva, 1967Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Ljudmila Saveljeva, 1967IVANHOE1381951.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Larisa Luzhina, 1970Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Larisa Luzhina, 1970IVANHOE1381921.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Mikaela Drozdovaskaja, 1970?Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Mikaela Drozdovaskaja, 1970?IVANHOE1381931.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Zanna Prohorenko, 1970Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Zanna Prohorenko, 1970IVANHOE1381911.00
Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Svetlana Toma, 1970Russia:Soviet Union:Movie star Svetlana Toma, 1970IVANHOE1381901.00
Serial Miami Vice stars Don Jhonson and  Philip Michael ThomasSerial Miami Vice stars Don Jhonson and Philip Michael ThomasIVANHOE1381851.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Jevgenii Urbanskii, 1961Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Jevgenii Urbanskii, 1961IVANHOE1382011.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Vladimir Ivashev, 1964Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Vladimir Ivashev, 1964IVANHOE1382021.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star E.Bystritskaja, 1958Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star E.Bystritskaja, 1958IVANHOE1382031.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star A.Larionova, 1958Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star A.Larionova, 1958IVANHOE1382041.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Natalja Vavilova, 1987Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Natalja Vavilova, 1987IVANHOE1382051.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Viia Artmane, 1966Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Viia Artmane, 1966IVANHOE1382061.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Viia Artmane, 1971Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Viia Artmane, 1971IVANHOE1382071.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Zinaida Kirienko, 1971Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Zinaida Kirienko, 1971IVANHOE1382081.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Vitalii Solomin, 1970Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Vitalii Solomin, 1970IVANHOE1382091.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Nikolai Merzlikin, 1968Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Nikolai Merzlikin, 1968IVANHOE1382101.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Natalja Selezneva, 1969Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Natalja Selezneva, 1969IVANHOE1382111.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Valentina TelitskinaSoviet Union:Russia:Movie star Valentina TelitskinaIVANHOE1382121.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Leonid HaritonovSoviet Union:Russia:Movie star Leonid HaritonovIVANHOE1382131.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Liia EliavaSoviet Union:Russia:Movie star Liia EliavaIVANHOE1382141.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Lionella PyrevaSoviet Union:Russia:Movie star Lionella PyrevaIVANHOE1382151.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Alla Jevdokina, 1969Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Alla Jevdokina, 1969IVANHOE1382161.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Alla Larionova, 1967Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Alla Larionova, 1967IVANHOE1382171.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Valeri Malyshev, 1970Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Valeri Malyshev, 1970IVANHOE1382181.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Valentina Kutsenko, 1971Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Valentina Kutsenko, 1971IVANHOE1382191.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie stars L.Knjazeva, O,Jefremov, R.Byjov, E.Vasiljev, 1969Soviet Union:Russia:Movie stars L.Knjazeva, O,Jefremov, R.Byjov, E.Vasiljev, 1969IVANHOE1382211.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie stars E.Morgunov, G.Vitsin, Juri Nikulin, 1969Soviet Union:Russia:Movie stars E.Morgunov, G.Vitsin, Juri Nikulin, 1969IVANHOE1382221.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Sergei Jurskii, 1974Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Sergei Jurskii, 1974IVANHOE1382231.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Izolda Izvitskaja, 1966Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Izolda Izvitskaja, 1966IVANHOE1382241.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Tamara Loginova, 1966Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Tamara Loginova, 1966IVANHOE1382251.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Irina Skobtseva, 1966Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Irina Skobtseva, 1966IVANHOE1382261.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Elina Bystritskaja, 1966Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Elina Bystritskaja, 1966IVANHOE1382271.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Boris Bystrov, 1970Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Boris Bystrov, 1970IVANHOE1382281.00
Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Vitali Ovanesov, 1970Soviet Union:Russia:Movie star Vitali Ovanesov, 1970IVANHOE1382291.00
Russia:Movie star Zinaida KirienkoRussia:Movie star Zinaida KirienkoIVANHOE1404131.00
Russia:Movie star Sergei StoljarovRussia:Movie star Sergei StoljarovIVANHOE1405041.00
Russia:Movie star T.G.Konjuhova, 1959Russia:Movie star T.G.Konjuhova, 1959IVANHOE1405051.00
Russia:Movie star M.Kuznetsov, 1960Russia:Movie star M.Kuznetsov, 1960IVANHOE1405061.00
Russia:Movie star Tatjana KonjuhovaRussia:Movie star Tatjana KonjuhovaIVANHOE1405071.00

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