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Mimosa with fruit, pre 1905Mimosa with fruit, pre 1905IVANHOE565503.75
Peaches, 180, pre 1920Peaches, 180, pre 1920IVANHOE605144.25
Cherries on tree, cherry, 1/25, *PU 1932Cherries on tree, cherry, 1/25, *PU 1932IVANHOE565495.50
Fruits, grapes, *PU 1917Fruits, grapes, *PU 1917IVANHOE603253.75
Fruits,cherries,railway post,Virtsu-Rapla,*PU 1934Fruits,cherries,railway post,Virtsu-Rapla,*PU 1934IVANHOE603233.75
Fruits, pears, apples, *PU 1928Fruits, pears, apples, *PU 1928IVANHOE603203.75
Fruits, grapes, pear, apple, orange, *PU 1939Fruits, grapes, pear, apple, orange, *PU 1939IVANHOE603213.75
C.von Silvers:Flowers, grapes, *PU 1922C.von Silvers:Flowers, grapes, *PU 1922IVANHOE603193.75
Flower,Cyclamen,Cyclamen persicum, pre 1940Flower,Cyclamen,Cyclamen persicum, pre 1940IVANHOE603183.75
A.Apsits:Oranges, pre 1940A.Apsits:Oranges, pre 1940IVANHOE603153.75
Fruits, cherries, pre 1940Fruits, cherries, pre 1940IVANHOE603143.75
Fruits, pears, pre 1940Fruits, pears, pre 1940IVANHOE603133.75
Christmas tree, apple, pre 1940Christmas tree, apple, pre 1940IVANHOE603123.75
Fruits, pears, *PU 1928Fruits, pears, *PU 1928IVANHOE603223.75
Fritz Hildebrandt:Pumpkin with plums, pre 1930Fritz Hildebrandt:Pumpkin with plums, pre 1930IVANHOE603113.75
Miacmino Garcello:Fruits, pre 1940Miacmino Garcello:Fruits, pre 1940IVANHOE603103.75
S.N.Brysch:Fruits, peach, pre 1940S.N.Brysch:Fruits, peach, pre 1940IVANHOE603093.75
Flowers, cornflowers, *PU 1920Flowers, cornflowers, *PU 1920IVANHOE603083.75
Field cultivations:Wheat, zwiebackField cultivations:Wheat, zwiebackIVANHOE633011.00
Fruits, grapes, pears, OGZL 349/1720, *PU 1930Fruits, grapes, pears, OGZL 349/1720, *PU 1930IVANHOE581094.00
Fruits, plums, pre 1940Fruits, plums, pre 1940IVANHOE603163.75

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