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Moldova:Kishinev, Main post office, 1974Moldova:Kishinev, Main post office, 1974IVANHOE1494691.50
Azerbaijan:Baku, Post office, 1982Azerbaijan:Baku, Post office, 1982IVANHOE1482091.50
Moldova:Kishinev, Post office, 1974Moldova:Kishinev, Post office, 1974IVANHOE1482101.50
Ukraine:Kiev, Post office, 1973Ukraine:Kiev, Post office, 1973IVANHOE1447401.00
Post office of Kiyev,Kalinin Square, Kiyev, UkrainePost office of Kiyev,Kalinin Square, Kiyev, UkraineIVANHOE1345941.00
Post office of  Ivano-Frankovsk, UkrainePost office of Ivano-Frankovsk, UkraineIVANHOE1345951.00
USA:Illinois, Streator post officeUSA:Illinois, Streator post officeIVANHOE1028441.00
Russia:Volgograd, Connection house, post officeRussia:Volgograd, Connection house, post officeIVANHOE1028451.00
Algeria:Algiers the White, Main post officeAlgeria:Algiers the White, Main post officeIVANHOE1028461.00
Belarus:Mogilev post officeBelarus:Mogilev post officeIVANHOE1028471.00
Russia:Kislovodsk, Communication house, post office?Russia:Kislovodsk, Communication house, post office?IVANHOE1028481.00
Kiev, The post office, ByelorussiaKiev, The post office, ByelorussiaIVANHOE1247101.00
Post office, Kishinev, MoldovaPost office, Kishinev, MoldovaIVANHOE1336481.00
The Post office MD-2012, Kishinev, MoldovaThe Post office MD-2012, Kishinev, MoldovaIVANHOE1336491.00
Sweden:Göteborg, Post office, bridge, tram, pre 1940Sweden:Göteborg, Post office, bridge, tram, pre 1940IVANHOE997114.00
Russia:Moscow, Post office on Kalinin prospectRussia:Moscow, Post office on Kalinin prospectIVANHOE876891.00
Russia:Kislovodsk, Post officeRussia:Kislovodsk, Post officeIVANHOE876901.00
Russia:Gorki, Post Office, PhoneRussia:Gorki, Post Office, PhoneIVANHOE857171.00
Transkei:Maxi card,Umzimkulu post officeTranskei:Maxi card,Umzimkulu post officeIVANHOE788991.00
Russia:Sotsi, main post officeRussia:Sotsi, main post officeIVANHOE788971.00
Latvia:Riga, General post officeLatvia:Riga, General post officeIVANHOE896131.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Main Post officeUkraina:Kiev, Main Post officeIVANHOE829171.00
Great Britain:Liverpool Post OfficeGreat Britain:Liverpool Post OfficeIVANHOE154881.00
Estonia:Postal stationery, Tallinn, Post office, 1Estonia:Postal stationery, Tallinn, Post office, 1IVANHOE810091.00
Great Britain:British army Post Office,ConstatinopGreat Britain:British army Post Office,ConstatinopIVANHOE154871.00
Russia:Ust-Kamenogorsk, Post officeRussia:Ust-Kamenogorsk, Post officeIVANHOE759121.00
Russia:Vinnica, Post officeRussia:Vinnica, Post officeIVANHOE749451.00
USA:Jersey City, Post Office, pre 1920USA:Jersey City, Post Office, pre 1920IVANHOE567953.75
Moldova:Chisinau post office nr.12Moldova:Chisinau post office nr.12IVANHOE936631.00
Germany:Telegraph bureu interior from 1863Germany:Telegraph bureu interior from 1863IVANHOE936591.00
Germany:Bonn, Imperial post office from 1879Germany:Bonn, Imperial post office from 1879IVANHOE936611.00
Germany:Frankfurt am Main, Post officeGermany:Frankfurt am Main, Post officeIVANHOE936621.00
Estonia:Pärnu post officeEstonia:Pärnu post officeIVANHOE502901.00
Holland:Amsterdam, Post OfficeHolland:Amsterdam, Post OfficeIVANHOE502911.00