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The Marbled White, Melanargia galtheaThe Marbled White, Melanargia galtheaIVANHOE1352091.00
L. Aristov: Colias eogene Feld. 1974L. Aristov: Colias eogene Feld. 1974IVANHOE1395701.00
Butterfly, Melanargia larissa Hbn.Butterfly, Melanargia larissa Hbn.IVANHOE1396031.00
Butterflys, 1976Butterflys, 1976IVANHOE1395021.00
Butterflys, 1976Butterflys, 1976IVANHOE1395031.00
Butterfly, Papilio machaon L.Butterfly, Papilio machaon L.IVANHOE1396071.00
L.Aristov:Butterfly Acosmeryx naga mooreL.Aristov:Butterfly Acosmeryx naga mooreIVANHOE1364271.00
Bug, insect, GrasshopperBug, insect, GrasshopperIVANHOE1396171.00
Bug, insect, Butterfly on blossomBug, insect, Butterfly on blossomIVANHOE1396181.00
Butterfly on blossomButterfly on blossomIVANHOE1396191.00
Butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa L.Butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa L.IVANHOE1396061.00
Butterfly, Tyria jacobaeae L.Butterfly, Tyria jacobaeae L.IVANHOE1396081.00
Butterfly, Procris statices L.Butterfly, Procris statices L.IVANHOE1396051.00
Butterfly, Issoria lathonia L.Butterfly, Issoria lathonia L.IVANHOE1396091.00
Butterfly, Polygonia c-album L.Butterfly, Polygonia c-album L.IVANHOE1396101.00
L.Aristov:Butterfly Erebia maracandica Ersch.L.Aristov:Butterfly Erebia maracandica Ersch.IVANHOE1364321.00
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Zegris eupheme Esp 1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Zegris eupheme Esp 1983IVANHOE1395501.00
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys,Triphysa phryne Pall1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys,Triphysa phryne Pall1983IVANHOE1395551.00
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys,Vanessa cardui L.1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys,Vanessa cardui L.1983IVANHOE1395561.00
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Kirinia climene Esp.1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Kirinia climene Esp.1983IVANHOE1395541.00
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Satyrus briseis L. 1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Satyrus briseis L. 1983IVANHOE1395531.00
L. V. Aristov: Proserpinus proserpina Pall.1983L. V. Aristov: Proserpinus proserpina Pall.1983IVANHOE1395571.00
Butterfly, Hipparchia fagiButterfly, Hipparchia fagiIVANHOE1396041.00
Butterfly, Satyrus bischoffi H.SButterfly, Satyrus bischoffi H.SIVANHOE1396021.00
L. Aristov: Epinephele davendra Moore. 1974L. Aristov: Epinephele davendra Moore. 1974IVANHOE1395741.00
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Melanargia galathea L. 1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Melanargia galathea L. 1983IVANHOE1395511.00
Butterfly Actias artemis BremButterfly Actias artemis BremIVANHOE1364201.00
Butterfly Danais tytia GrayButterfly Danais tytia GrayIVANHOE1364191.00
Butterfly Papilio bianor maackii Men Butterfly Papilio bianor maackii Men IVANHOE1364181.00
Butterfly Brahmaea certhia FButterfly Brahmaea certhia FIVANHOE1364161.00
Butterfly Luehdorfia puziloi ErschButterfly Luehdorfia puziloi ErschIVANHOE1364171.00
Butterfly Pterodecta felderi BremButterfly Pterodecta felderi BremIVANHOE1364121.00
Butterfly Callambulyx tatarinovi Brem.Butterfly Callambulyx tatarinovi Brem.IVANHOE1364131.00
Butterfly Dictyoploca japonica BtlrButterfly Dictyoploca japonica BtlrIVANHOE1364141.00
Butterfly Sericinus telamon amurensis StgrButterfly Sericinus telamon amurensis StgrIVANHOE1364151.00
Butterfly Dermaleipa juno DalmButterfly Dermaleipa juno DalmIVANHOE1364091.00
Butterfly Sericinus telamon amurensis StgrButterfly Sericinus telamon amurensis StgrIVANHOE1364101.00
Butterfly Apatura screnkii MenButterfly Apatura screnkii MenIVANHOE1364081.00
Butterfly on flowerButterfly on flowerIVANHOE1364071.00
Bee on blossomBee on blossomIVANHOE1364061.00
G.Lunde:Butterfly and waterlilyG.Lunde:Butterfly and waterlilyIVANHOE1363471.00
L.V.Aristov:Butterfly, Micrarctia buraeticaL.V.Aristov:Butterfly, Micrarctia buraeticaIVANHOE1363481.00
Bug, insect Euceraphis punctipennisBug, insect Euceraphis punctipennisIVANHOE1363511.00
Bug, insect, bee Apis melliferaBug, insect, bee Apis melliferaIVANHOE1363571.00
Bug, insect, ants Formica rufaBug, insect, ants Formica rufaIVANHOE1363601.00
Bug, insect Lilioceris merdigeraBug, insect Lilioceris merdigeraIVANHOE1363651.00
Bug, insect Volucella pellucensBug, insect Volucella pellucensIVANHOE1363681.00
Bug, insect, Bee? Bombus sp.Bug, insect, Bee? Bombus sp.IVANHOE1363721.00
Bug, insect Alucita pentadactilaBug, insect Alucita pentadactilaIVANHOE1363731.00

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