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Austria:Neudorf bei Staatz, air view, churchAustria:Neudorf bei Staatz, air view, churchIVANHOE1490231.00
Austria:Riegersburg castleAustria:Riegersburg castleIVANHOE1490221.00
Austria:Eisenstadt, overview with churchAustria:Eisenstadt, overview with churchIVANHOE1490251.00
Austria:Hofstetten-Grünau, views, church, trainAustria:Hofstetten-Grünau, views, church, trainIVANHOE1490261.00
Austria:Tirol, Gawa waterfallAustria:Tirol, Gawa waterfallIVANHOE1485561.50
Austria:Dachstein-Rieseneishöhlen, Parzivaldom, caveAustria:Dachstein-Rieseneishöhlen, Parzivaldom, caveIVANHOE1485181.50
Austria:Ramsau overview, church, pre 1905Austria:Ramsau overview, church, pre 1905IVANHOE1461069.00
Austria:Vienna, Wien, Schonbrunn palace, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Wien, Schonbrunn palace, pre 1940IVANHOE1461075.00
Austria:Vienna, Wien, The Belvedere, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Wien, The Belvedere, pre 1940IVANHOE1461085.00
Austria:Building in mountains, pre 1940Austria:Building in mountains, pre 1940IVANHOE1461104.00
Austria:Moosbrunn views, Gruss aus, pre 1910Austria:Moosbrunn views, Gruss aus, pre 1910IVANHOE1460517.00
Poland:Slaski stadium, footballPoland:Slaski stadium, footballIVANHOE1447951.00
Windjammers, water-amusement, church, Attersee, Salzkammergut, AustriaWindjammers, water-amusement, church, Attersee, Salzkammergut, AustriaIVANHOE1352881.00
Austria:Skiing track between Munich and InnsbruckAustria:Skiing track between Munich and InnsbruckIVANHOE1406801.00
Austria:Leogang overview with churchAustria:Leogang overview with churchIVANHOE1406811.00
Austria:Seefeld-Steinbach on Attersee shore, overviewAustria:Seefeld-Steinbach on Attersee shore, overviewIVANHOE1406821.00
Austria:Meersburg near Bodensee, castle, port, viewsAustria:Meersburg near Bodensee, castle, port, viewsIVANHOE1406831.00
Austria:Neuberg near Filsmoos, overviewAustria:Neuberg near Filsmoos, overviewIVANHOE1406841.00
Austria:Grossarl near Bongau, church, overviewAustria:Grossarl near Bongau, church, overviewIVANHOE1406851.00
Austria:Bramberg national park, cows, overviewAustria:Bramberg national park, cows, overviewIVANHOE1406861.00
Lithuania:Palanga, Spa-club Jurate, 1971Lithuania:Palanga, Spa-club Jurate, 1971IVANHOE1406871.00
Austria:Vienna, The BurgtheatreAustria:Vienna, The BurgtheatreIVANHOE1400431.00
Austria:Vienna, Parliament and garden, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Parliament and garden, pre 1940IVANHOE1369753.00
Austria:Vienna, Parliament, A, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Parliament, A, pre 1940IVANHOE1369763.00
Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, A, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, A, pre 1940IVANHOE1369673.00
Austria:Vienna, Parliament building, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Parliament building, pre 1940IVANHOE1369683.00
Austria:Vienna, University, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, University, pre 1940IVANHOE1369743.00
Austria:Vienna, Franz Josefs Kai, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Franz Josefs Kai, pre 1940IVANHOE1369723.00
Austria:Vienna, Ferdinand bridge, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Ferdinand bridge, pre 1940IVANHOE1369733.00
Austria:Vienna, Opera house, theatre, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Opera house, theatre, pre 1940IVANHOE1369713.00
Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, pre 1940IVANHOE1369663.00
Austria:Vienna, Praterstern, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Praterstern, pre 1940IVANHOE1369703.00
Austria:Vienna, Theatre aereal view, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Theatre aereal view, pre 1940IVANHOE1369693.00
Austria:Innsbruck, overview, pre 1940Austria:Innsbruck, overview, pre 1940IVANHOE1368223.00
Austria:Vienna, Belvedere, overview, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Belvedere, overview, pre 1940IVANHOE1368233.00
Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940IVANHOE1368243.00
Austria:Montjoie, Aereal view?, overview, pre 1940Austria:Montjoie, Aereal view?, overview, pre 1940IVANHOE1368253.00
Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn alley, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn alley, pre 1940IVANHOE1368263.00
Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940, AAustria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940, AIVANHOE1368273.00
Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn, Neptun grotto, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn, Neptun grotto, pre 1940IVANHOE1368283.00
Austria:Vienna, Urania, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Urania, pre 1940IVANHOE1368293.00
Austria:Vienna, Marienbridge, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Marienbridge, pre 1940IVANHOE1368303.00
Austria:Vienna, Opera house, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Opera house, pre 1940IVANHOE1368313.00
Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum interior, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum interior, pre 1940IVANHOE1368953.00
Waterfall,Graba Wasserfall und Graba-Alm 1530 m., Stubaital, Tirol, AustriaWaterfall,Graba Wasserfall und Graba-Alm 1530 m., Stubaital, Tirol, AustriaIVANHOE1186001.00
Waterfall, Krimmler Wasserfälle 1456 m, Salzburg, AustriaWaterfall, Krimmler Wasserfälle 1456 m, Salzburg, AustriaIVANHOE1185141.00
Salzburg, A view from the Mönchberg to the Old Town and the Fortress , AustriaSalzburg, A view from the Mönchberg to the Old Town and the Fortress , AustriaIVANHOE1262021.00
Waterfall, Krimml Wasserfall, Salzburg,AustriaWaterfall, Krimml Wasserfall, Salzburg,AustriaIVANHOE1185061.00
Waterfall,Oberer Krimml Wasserfall, Salzburg,Austria, ( adhesive foot on back)Waterfall,Oberer Krimml Wasserfall, Salzburg,Austria, ( adhesive foot on back)IVANHOE1185071.00
Waterfall, Krimml Wasserfall, Salzburg,Austria, AWaterfall, Krimml Wasserfall, Salzburg,Austria, AIVANHOE1185081.00

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